human value


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Related Problems:
Policy-making delays
Indecisive multilateralism
Weak organization of community action
Dysfunctional adaptation to technological advance
Limited decision-making context
Limited access to local decision-making bodies
Confusing decision-making methodologies
Inadequate global policy-making
Simplistic family decision-making structures
Exclusion of dissenters from decision making processes
Inadequacy of governmental decision-making machinery
Undecided fluoridation plan
Factionalized decision-making
Obsolete policy-making
Multiple considerations in decision making
Inadequacy of intergovernmental decision-making process
Fragmented decision-making
Inadequacy of the committee system of decision making
Uninformed community decision making
Obscure decision mechanisms
Reductionistic decision making criteria in the construction industry
Undervaluation of nature in planning and decision making
Uncoordinated government policy-making
Ineffective decision-making processes
Deluding familial image of social responsibility
Isolation of individual decision-making from context
Paralysis in individual decision-making
Inaccessible decision makers
Lack of a system for ethical decision-making
Decision-making tradition lost
Drug abuse by government officials
Adversary culture
Politicization of decision-making
Undecided campground locations
Restricted decision-making
Inaccessibility of decision-makers in multinational enterprises
Technical ignorance of decision makers
Psychic interference in decision-making
Governmental barriers to a global ethic
Inadequate training in decision-making
Naive approach to the marriage covenant
Making research results accessible to decision-makers and public
Integrating economic issues in all government decision-making
Training decision makers to make effective use of early warning systems
Reducing time to take action
Building family decision making structures
Improving scientific basis for decision-making
Ensuring national policies account for environmental effects
Improving understanding of decision-makers on biological principles
Improving information for decision making on the environment
Increasing democratic decision-making
Strengthening national capacities to collect, assess and use environmental data in decision-making
Decentralizing decisions to the lowest appropriate level
Gaming in decision-making
Involving youth in environmental decision-making at all levels
Ensuring full and open sharing of environmental information among scientists and decision-makers
Supporting coordinated UN scientific research on the global environment
Training decision-makers in use of environmental economics
Informing decision-makers
Using risk assessment techniques for decision-making
Appealing to decision-makers
Promoting sustainable development in decision making
Providing workers with information needed to participate effectively in environmental decision-making
Promoting public participation in environmental decision-making
Creating decision support systems
Enhancing decision-making procedures
Arranging decision making events
Initiating decision-making structure
Enabling practical decision making
Expanding decision making structure
Forging broad-based decision-making
Articulating representative decision
Articulating symbolized approval of collective decision
Skilling administrators
Establishing responsive decision making
Creating systems for implementing decisions of society
Holding decision makers accountable to society
Establishing arena for corporate decision making
Establishing new decision-making mechanism
Enabling decision-making process to guide politics
Demanding review of corporate decision making
Continuing development of collective decision making
Promoting community decision-making
Building effective decision making
Encouraging participatory decision making
Upholding decision-making framework
Changing judicial guidelines
Negating ambiguous decision-making
Clarifying rules of governance
Providing checks on societal decision-making
Illuminating areas of decision-making failure
Re-evaluating viability of decision-making processes
Illuminating contradictions in deliberative system
Influencing priority decisions
Raising vital issues
Demanding evaluation of decision-making process
Providing climate for decision making
Expressing contradictions in decision-making process
Identifying participation in decision-making
Pointing out commitments of decision-makers
Restating adjudicated decision
Concretizing context of judicial decision-making
Pushing decision-making into reality
Supplying objectivity to executive decision-making
Implementing societal principles
Demanding individual participation in decision-making in society
Allowing participation in decision-making
Allowing independent decision-making
Upholding operating framework for decision-making in society
Restructuring decision-making and coordination processes
Restructuring production management and decision-making
Ensuring grassroots participation in decision-making
Restructuring community decision making
Demonstrating deliberative systems locally
Training in decision making
Establishing community global decision-making
Globally contexted decision-making
Providing decision-making methodologies
Focusing life decisions
Incorporating minority factions into decision making
Providing decision-making data
Involving stakeholders in management decisions
Recognizing channels of local decision-making
Relieving paralysis in individual decision-making
Politicizing decision-making
Depoliticizing decision-making
Restricting participation in international decision-making
Broadening perception of facts
Preserving traditional community decision-making
Coordinating government policy-making
Valuing nature in planning and decision making
Undervaluing nature in planning and decision making
Making decisions at the global level
Creating familial structure for ethical decision making
Developing alternatives to bureaucratic decision-making
Simplifying decision-making
Displacing national decision-making to super-power countries
Reducing displacement of national decision-making
Resisting displacement of national decision-making to super-power countries
Integrating decision-making
Integrating individual decision-making process
Taking official decisions
Coping with inadequate governmental decision-making machinery
Improving governmental decision-making machinery
Coping with inadequacy of the committee system of decision making
Improving committee system of decision making
Coping with inadequate intergovernmental decision-making process
Improving intergovernmental decision-making process
Improving information systems for international governmental decision-making processes
Integrating environmental and economic decision-making
Being indecisive
Increasing effectiveness of decision-making processes
Increasing effectiveness of international decision-making
Reducing inequality in decision making
Preserving inequality in decision making
Improving communication between decision-makers and grassroots
Providing sufficient transparency in government
Providing sufficient global political decision-making
Abstaining from global political decision-making
Providing system for ethical decision-making
Abstaining from ethical decision-making
Abstaining from popular participation in decision-making
Providing sufficient worker participation in business decision-making
Abstaining from worker participation in business decision-making
Providing sufficient patient participation in medical decision-making
Abstaining from patient participation in medical decision-making
Limiting decision-making context
Limiting number of local decision-making bodies
Increasing access to local decision-making bodies
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values