Reducing time to take action

Reducing surveillance lag
Reducing period between decision and action
Speeding up decision-taking
Reducing delay

Reducing the elapsed time between the actual necessity for taking action, and the moment when that necessity is perceived by management. This refers to non-real-time decision-making, and emphasizes the fact that many management decisions must be made in terms of knowledge of the system's status some time in the past, rather than as it is at the moment of the decision.


Delay is the deadliest form of denial. (One of Parkinson's laws).

Reducing postal delays
Changing society
Reducing telephone delays
Reducing delays in research
Avoiding bureaucratic delays
Reducing communication delays
Reducing policy-making delays
Implementing urban innovations
Reducing delay in payment of bills
Providing rapid emergency response
Reducing delays in civil litigation
Reducing delays at border crossings
Reducing delay recognizing problems
Reducing delays in international trade
Reducing delay in police response time
Reducing delay in recognition of patents
Reducing delay in project implementation
Accelerating community building programme
Reducing delay in publication of documents
Reducing delay in administration of justice
Reducing delay in government reimbursements
Reducing delays in hearing consumer complaints
Reducing delay in development of regional plans
Reducing delay in societal impact of innovation
Reducing delay in implementation of commitments
Reducing delays in clearing financial transfers
Reducing waiting times in government facilities
Reducing delays in release of religious documents
Reducing delays in administration of medical care
Reducing delays in approval of urgent regulations
Reducing delays in delivery of goods and services
Raising awareness of delayed emergence of problems
Reducing delay in administration of criminal justice
Reducing delays in delivery of books and publications
Reducing delay in payment of compensation for damages
Reducing delays in ratification of international treaties
Reducing delay in supply of agreed multilateral assistance
Reducing government delay in response to symptoms of problems
Reducing delay in benefits from reform in transition economies
Addressing delay of religions in acknowledging social problems
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E: Emanations of other strategies
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