Focusing life decisions

Honouring life decision
Encouraging an individual to intentionalize his life-choices through self-conscious determination. The effect on the social process is the formation of bodies of people who are aware of society's priorities, their own potentialities, and subsequent obligations which they seek to fulfil through role choices, thus enabling every person to see his particular life-choice as related to the entire social process.
An integral part of honouring human creativity through internalizing the individual's self images of uniqueness and enabling him to contribute his wisdom to the corporate journey of mankind.
Tactics include: self-conscious covenant to articulate the covenant out of which any life decision will be made and carried out; role preparation to enable a person to investigate the various possibilities he has for social roles and to be trained for them; group context to provide the corporate structures which will keep a person's life decision from being turned inward; role embodiment to create the stories, rituals, and contexts which will enable each person to carry the many roles which his decision will require of him; and occupational determination to enable a person to create the context and make life decisions in the arena of his occupation.
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