human value


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Related Problems:
Disappearance of common land
Sleep deprivation
Economic loss
Lost knowledge
Loss of respect
Loss of property
Loss of civility
Insufficient minority culture support
Unavailability of farming land
Spoilage of agricultural products
Loss of plant cover
Loss of information
Credibility gap
Lost family heritage
Low self esteem
Loss of earning power
Inadequate sense of time
Loss of coastal lagoons
Waste of human resources
Desacralization of life
Unmeaningful relationships to place
Collapse in the meaning of participating in society
Speculative flight of capital
Cultural suicide
Loss of faith in religion
Loss of cultural heritage
Loss of capacity with age
Inane conversation
Loss of cultural diversity
Crop failures
Loss of spiritual guidance
Contempt for traditional atttitudes to nature
Lost family role in society
Unreported financial losses
Inappropriate cash crop policy
Sexual impotence of men
Destruction of scientific records
Endangered unwritten languages
Decline of human relationship to nature
Loss of animal productivity
Soil erosion
Unknown relatives
Fear of losing control
Loss of leadership credibility
Loss of micro-organic proteins
Irreversible depletion of natural capital
Pests of plants
Loss of international leadership
Loss of the significance of work
Erosion of collective consensus
Loss of institutional credibility
Unwillingness to risk loss of life
Loss of internal political borders
Accidents to nuclear weapons systems
Social disaffection of the young
Disintegration of technological capacity
Sense of impermanence
Loss of international market leadership
Loss of confidence in government leaders
Loss of credibility of the United Nations
Lost covenantal understanding of sexuality
Attrition of integrity of institutions
Loss of international political leadership
Dependence of the disabled
Disruptive migration of trained personnel
Loss of traditional forms of social security
Failure to sacrifice any personal advantage
Loss of international technological leadership
Loss of humility in relation to the environment
Inflexible central government
Unidentifiable urban neighbourhoods
Historical rootlessness
Second class states
Fear of the loss of independence
Needle loss by conifers
Refusal of licence renewal
Loss of water to industrial uses
Increasing proportion of land surface devoted to urbanization
Insufficient retirement funds
Lack of social commitment
Economic loss through reduced productivity of diseased animals
Height loss
Disrespect for teachers
Lost farming skills
Loss of memory due to torture
Mislaid objects
Visual impairment
Distrust of medical services
Cyclic business recessions
Professional salary losses
Loss of credibility of diplomacy
Loss of the sense of God
Loss of biodiversity during complex emergencies
Disorders of the sense organs
Fear of loss of property
Intermittent explosive disorder
Loss of agricultural land due to artificial flooding
Decline of company towns
Animal deaths
Alopecia areata
Logging of old stand forests
Stateless nations
Loss of fools
Inundation of wildlife habitats through dams
Loss of cultural content in translation
Energy leaks
Involuntary loss of nationality of children
Irrigation water losses
Loss of tendon reflex
Unemployment in the wood industry
Seepage water losses from irrigation systems
Loss of appetite
Rising sea level
Inflicted loss of vision
Loss of sense of sin
Expiry of drug patent
Loss of medical accreditation
Slaughter of diseased animals
Loss of regional identity within countries
Threatened species of Deltistes luxatus
Loss of linguistic tradition
Loss of river silt
Loss of credibility in international institutions
Loss of fish nurseries
Bereaved children
Inundation of forests through dams
Lost emigrant contact
Hearing defects
Loss of civil capacity for married women
Decision-making tradition lost
Decrease in ice cover
Misuse of mangroves
Erosion of biological diversity
Dangerous diet pills
Loss of female libido
Loss of beneficial plants and animals
Unrecovered lost authority
Devaluation of real estate
Absence of limb
Limited irrigation water
Loss of agricultural biodiversity
Loss of natural heritage
Loss of enemy
Human sexual disorders
Unsuccessful economic ventures
Faecal incontinence
Decreasing diversity of biological species
Lost child labour due to government laws
Lack of male libido
Inadequate packaging of food products
Hair thinning
Angle-closure glaucoma
Reducing loss of common open spaces
Alerting wetland desecration
Combating deforestation
Using high-performance windows
Reducing heat loss in buildings
Constructing low energy buildings
Protecting best farmland for agriculture
Ensuring credibility
Compensating for loss of trade
Minimizing soil erosion
Restoring beaches
Managing urbanization to minimize biodiversity loss
Investigating biodiversity loss through desertification
Keeping private losses private
Reducing loss and waste of food during handling
Avoiding terrain loss fear
Decreasing agricultural crop losses
Stockpiling nuclear material
Minimizing intermediate income loss
Eliminating unnecessary produce loss
Reporting cost overruns
Resisting loss of personal investment
Accepting personal loss
Risking loss of documents
Respecting unwillingness to risk loss of life
Locating relatives lost during warfare
Reducing amount of wasted energy resources
Coping with bereavement
Restoring plant cover
Risking death
Protecting coastal wetlands
Preserving sense of place
Treating fear of loss of identity
Preserving hair
Preserving economic assets
Preserving worth
Preserving knowledge
Preserving honour
Preserving respect
Preserving property
Preserving civility
Preserving ethnicity
Preserving harvested foods
Preserving information
Preserving heritage
Preserving earning power
Preserving sense of time
Preserving human resources
Preserving sacredness
Preserving domestic capital
Preserving skills
Recovering from financial losses
Recovering land lost to plantations
Preserving institutional credibility
Conserving vulnerable vegetable germplasm
Compensating for losses
Respecting human life
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values