Loss of spiritual guidance


In their contemporary state of decline, Eastern religions have become destructive and backward-looking forces in the world. Islam has produced fanatical fundamentalists, Hinduism has generated the yoga and ashram industries, and Buddhism has lost vitality and become contaminated with politics. Other Eastern religions are becoming extinct such as the creeds of the Taoist and to some extent, the Confucianist, the Mandaeans, the Tibetan Bons, the Druze, the Zoroastrians and several others.


Western civilization emerged after the Reformation to become a secular global force that challenged and eventually dominated much of Asia militarily and ideologically for several hundred years. Asian cultures were eroded, and particularly the highly evolved religious systems of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. By the 19th and 20th centuries there was a dearth of authentic religious teachers, charismatic spiritual personalities, to transmit the wisdom of the East.

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