Loss of female libido

Other Names:
Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD)
Loss of female sexual desire
Lack of sexual desire in women

It is hard to judge the degree of female sex drive, as women in many cultures have had a great deal to lose in the past by admitting to high sex drive, and particularly to sexual interest in someone other than a husband. Even in modern society, a highly sexed woman is likely to be slandered with negative epithets that would not be used for a highly sexed man. Traditionally, in many cultures it has been very acceptable, and sometimes encouraged, for women to display an ignorance of, and disinterest in, sexuality. Lack of interest enhances the appearance of female virginity or female faithfulness to a marriage partner.

In addition, there is a social taboo against women other than prostitutes initiating sexual contact. This has its practical aspects, since men are thought to be intimidated by women who initiate sex. If a woman truly does want sex, her best ploy may be to feign disinterest in it.

In current Western permissive societies, men are admitting in greater numbers that they are not always interested in sex. At the same time, more women feel that they should not put up with unsatisfactory sexual relations and lie about their dissatisfaction. So more women are initiating sexual contact with their male partners, who are sometimes openly disinterested. This may reduce both male and female sexual drive further.

Some antidepressant drugs cause loss of female libido.

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