Other Names:
Spirit sickness
Despairing people
Loss of hope

Despair is characterized by lack of hope and by a sense of waiting for hope to return. In present day Western society, despair is commonly suppressed or at least a (usually successful) attempt is made to hide its existence from others. This is said to leading to a partial numbing of the psyche so that the emotional and sensory life are diminished. Anxiety provoking data is effectively filtered out and the numbing effect intensified unless the despair is worked through. In this respect it is not dissimilar from grief.


In industrialized countries despair is typically associated with alienation from society. There is growing desperation among the poor in both the industrialized and developing countries.


In the long-run the security and well-being of the industrialized world depend on improving the economic prospects of the world's poor. Rich countries cannot hope to wall themselves off from billions of desperate people who see the gap between themselves and others widening.

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Harmful thought
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F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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