human value


Tolerating political diversity
Seeking confidential advice of dissidents
Building opposition awareness
Insisting on opposition
Establishing autonomous centre for dissenting viewpoints
Defending loyal opposition
Formulating opposition opinion
Re-imaging responsible opposition
Re-imaging responsible opposition
Providing ideological opposition
Providing bureaucratic opposition
Rejecting idealism of opposition groups
Repressing political opposition
Frustrating role of opposition
Providing opposition to embryo transfer technology
Opposing population control
Providing opposition to use of natural energy sources
Providing opposition to private initiative
Providing opposition to administrative action
Resisting public health practices
Providing opposition to information from other disciplines
Undermining opposition
Undermining political opposition
Undermining opposition to science
Undermining opposition to embryo transfer technology
Securing religious support for population control
Undermining opposition to use of natural energy sources
Undermining government opposition to private initiative
Undermining government opposition to population control
Undermining opposition arising from personal bias
Undermining political opposition to administrative action
Undermining religious opposition to public health practices
Undermining opposition to existing social order
Undermining international organizations
Denouncing terrorism
Rejecting scientific explanations
Suppressing opposition
Countering bureaucratic opposition
Repressing ideological dissension
Eliminating opposition groups or individuals
Cultivating the opposition
Providing political opposition
Providing political opposition
Opposing existing social order
Providing business opposition to the arms race
Abstaining from opposition to the arms race
Revealing disagreement
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values