Defending loyal opposition

Guarding minority voice
Providing structures to protect minority opinion
Protecting the wisdom of minority opinion in opposition to the majority. The effect is that opposition calls into question the established majority and forces that majority to deal honestly and justly in the political process.
An integral part of incorporating minority voices by honouring minority wisdom in decision-making processes.
Tactics include: structure support to maintain the structures wherein the minority voice is raised; dissenter accountability to require that minorities either be responsible in their dissenting demands or provide responsible alternatives; minority stance to investigate the position of dissenters creating a style for the responsible dissenter; minority discipline to provide the rule by which the polity of the loyal opposition will operate; and dissenter rights intended to provide the structures and formats which protect those rights. An example of this is the efforts of the Dean of Student Affairs in the midst of student rioting at the University of Cincinnati to continue to hold the just demands of the students before the public and the press. As a result of his efforts the wisdom of the students demands was honoured without capitulating to their irresponsible demands.
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies
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