Re-imaging responsible opposition

Allowing both the pro- and the dis-establishment to embrace as appropriate diverse forms of loyal opposition. The effect is to free minority opinion to use responsible forms of opposition through the acceptance by the establishment of a greater variety of dissent forms.
An integral part of incorporating minority voices by honouring minority wisdom in decision-making processes.
Tactics include: participation context to set the limits of responsible dissent; minority myths to give minority opinion authentic stories relative to their participation in decision-making structures; minority symbols to allow the general population to embrace minority opinions as authentic expressions of their humanness; signal activities to allow the establishment and the dis-establishment to appropriate responsible opposition; and saturation of multi-media to orient the general populace to acceptable forms of dissenting opinion. An example of this was enacted when some 6,000 students at the University of Nevada marched to the home of the University President and presented him and his family with an all-expense-paid weekend in San Francisco as a sign of their support of his administration of the University, thus allowing the populace of Reno and Nevada to accept the peaceful mass march as a viable and acceptable form of voicing one's opinion.
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D: Detailed strategies