Denouncing terrorism

Promoting opposition to terrorism
Consolidating throughout the world of a mood of hostility towards terrorism and uniting the efforts of states in combatting it.
Practical steps must be taken to implant in the minds of individuals and peoples the understanding that any act of terrorism or threat of terrorism, whatever its motives, is something evil and represents a crime for which criminal punishment will inevitably follow. The unmasking of the inhuman nature of terrorism must become an integral part of the curriculum in schools and technical and higher education institutions. It would be useful to conduct large-scale information campaigns under the auspices of the United Nations and the relevant specialized agencies in to form a common front among states in combatting terrorism. It would be helpful in this connection to issue pamphlets containing information about the threat of terrorism and its harmful consequences for international security and the normal conduct of relations between states and for the exercise of fundamental human rights and freedoms. A selection of the fundamental international instruments directed against various manifestations of terrorism should be published in all the official languages of the UN. The proclamation by the General Assembly of an official day dedicated to the memory of the victims of terrorism would help to strengthen the action taken by the international co mm unity against this phenomenon. The mass information media have an important role to play in mobilizing international public opinion against terrorism. The specifics of the contribution of the media to this work could be set out in special international recommendations, the drafting of which might be undertaken by UNESCO.
Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies