Other Names:
Opposition to science
Distrust of scientists
Rejection of scientific explanations
Antipathy towards scientists

Anti-science is a movement against the control of society by science and technology, rejecting pragmatic data-based reasoning in favour of passion and expression. Anti-science is closely connected with anti-authoritarianism, and tends to break down existing structures without replacing them. The neologism "cognophobia" signifies the incurable hatred of scientific knowledge.


Science is increasingly distrusted as a result of: exaggerated claims in past decades; condescension in dealing with the public concerning safety issues in relation to radiation and other environmental issues; secrecy, misrepresentation and cover-up in reporting on issues of importance to the public; evidence of irresponsibility or lack of safeguards in the development of new technology such as genetic engineering. These have led to a loss of faith in the ability of science and technology to deal responsibly or effectively with emerging crises.

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Medical backlash
Science Science
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F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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