human value


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Related Problems:
High cost of housing
Inflated art values
Unreported financial losses
High interest rates
Prohibitive labour costs
Prohibitive cost of living
Incomplete cost projections
Prohibitive cost of education
Prohibitive cost of parenthood
Prohibitive cost of maintenance
Youth unemployment
Excessive growth of social expenditure
Cost disease of personal services
Lack of facilities for disturbed children
Prohibitive cost of basic services
Prohibitive cost of nutritious food
Inadequate emergency services
Prohibitive cost of goods and services
Prohibitive cost of intergovernmental aid negotiations
Burdensome cost of religious ceremonies
Undervaluation of asset replacement costs
Prohibitive cost of private medical care
Prohibitive cost of nuclear power plants
Prohibitive cost of animal disease control
Falsification of programme evaluations
Prohibitive cost of knowledge and information
Cost overruns in large-scale public programmes
Lack of full cost accounting of consumer products
Excessive use of resources on expensive medical techniques
Prohibitive cost of inadequate development policies
Prohibitive cost of necessities in rural communities
Economically inefficient regulations
Misappropriation of resources for high cost research projects
Transfer of industries to low-wage countries
Misappropriation of resources for high cost civil engineering projects
Inadequate institutional mechanisms for cost-effective debt negotiation
Prohibitive cost of teaching staff
Prohibitive cost of cooperative start-up
Inaccessible scientific information
Prohibitive cost of building maintenance
Prohibitive cost of transportation
Prohibitive cost of hospital facilities
Prohibitive cost of abortion
Escalating cost of employers liability insurance
High cost of natural gas trade infrastructure
Prohibitive cost of business security
Prohibitive cost of crop treatment
Excessive cost of medical drugs
Prohibitive cost of farm labour
Prohibitive cost of farm equipment
Prohibitive cost of prisons
Prohibitive cost of connection to public utilities
Prohibitive cost of water
Prohibitive cost of fuel
Rising cost of unemployment benefits
Prohibitive cost of eye-glasses
Prohibitive cost of contraceptives
Prohibitive construction costs
Prohibitive cost of newspapers
Excessive cost of effective prosecution of offenders
Prohibitive cost of life assurance
Prohibitive construction cost of community buildings
Prohibitive cost of fertilizer
Prohibitive cost of coastal protection against sea damage
Prohibitive cost of fishing equipment
Cost-conscious managed health care
Prohibitive cost of advertising
Prohibitive medical expenses
Dependence on costly trading intermediaries
Prohibitive cost of insurance
Prohibitive cost of land
Prohibitive cost of electricity
Prohibitive cost of imported goods
Unmanageable cost of dying
Excessive cost of animal protein
Environmental hazards of decommissioned nuclear power plants
Excessive cost of transferring funds across borders
Long-term shortage of uranium resources
Prohibitive cost of electoral campaigns
Prohibitive cost of travel documents
Prohibitive cost of home maintenance
Prohibitive cost of road construction
Prohibitive cost of safety equipment
Unavailability of building sites
Prohibitive cost of product liability protection
Prohibitive cost of equipment maintenance
Labour displacement due to import competition
Uninformed cost speculation
Prohibitive cost of maintaining imported technologies
Prohibitive cost of maintaining comprehensive document collections
Prohibitive cost of capital equipment
Ensuring full cost recovery for infrastructure services
Modelling cost and effectiveness of alternative health strategies
Reducing expense of dying
Cooperating on cost-effect analysis and environmental impact procedures
Using full cost accounting
Assisting industry to identify clean or cost-effective pollution control technologies
Adapting cost-effective methods of environmental control to local conditions
Reducing cost of transport
Introducing low cost technologies
Applying water tariffs reflecting cost of water
Undertaking cost-cutting
Increasing information exchange on low cost sanitation
Identifying low-cost options for waste management
Implementing efficient rural water cost-recovery programmes
Ensuring full cost recovery
Developing low-cost approach to improving drinking water supply
Reducing costs
Setting guidelines for cost/benefit assessment of cleaner production
Increasing availability of low-cost sanitation options
Assisting water agencies to become more cost-effective
Using cost benefit analysis tools for biodiversity impact assessment
Increasing research on cost-effective alternatives for hazardous processes
Analysing cost and benefits of labour-based approaches
Providing training on low-cost waste collection and disposal options
Ensuring full cost recovery from waste generators
Investing part of waste disposal cost in waste minimization
Assessing cost and benefits of different development policies for human and environmental health
Minimizing initial cost factors
Providing low cost cartage
Obtaining favourable cost concessions
Introducing low-cost wholesome food
Developing corporate low-cost rentals
Demonstrating low-cost feasible designs
Establishing attractive low-cost cafe
Acquiring low-cost building supplies
Producing good low-cost publications
Obtaining low interest loans
Showing low-cost building techniques
Determining resource cost factors in production
Determining labour cost factors in production
Establishing cost accounting
Developing low cost housing policy
Determining equipment depreciation cost factors in production
Producing nutritious low cost meat
Developing cost effective merchandise
Producing low-cost food supplements
Stimulating cost benefit effectiveness
Offering low-cost practical training
Procuring low-cost farm supplies
Determining cost factors
Reporting cost overruns
Avoiding cost overruns in large-scale public programmes
Studying causes of prohibitive cost of housing for the poor
Reducing cost of money
Reducing cost of living
Reducing cost of education
Reducing cost of maintenance
Reducing cost of reform schools
Reducing cost of basic services
Reducing cost of nutritious food
Reducing cost of emergency services
Reducing cost of goods and services
Reducing cost of private medical care
Reducing cost of nuclear power plants
Reducing cost of animal disease control
Reducing cost of knowledge
Reducing cost of high technology medical cures
Reducing cost of development policies
Reducing cost of necessities in rural communities
Reducing cost of housing
Reducing cost of parenthood
Reducing cost of social security
Studying cost disease of personal services
Reducing disparity between income and cost of housing
Concealing real costs of consumer products
Coping with cost of inadequate development policies
Improving institutional mechanisms for cost-effective debt negotiation
Reducing art values
Reducing cost of necessities
Inflating cost of necessities
Inflating cost of information
Inflating cost of social security
Providing full cost accounting of consumer products
Limiting low-cost housing
Increasing transfer of industries to low-wage countries
Reducing transfer of industries to low-wage countries
Undertaking project cost-benefit analyses
Appropriating resources for high cost research projects
Appropriating resources for high cost civil engineering projects
Reducing cost of drugs
Studying cost engineering
Purchasing, supplying
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values