human value


Related Problems:
Escapist family life styles
Westernization of traditional modes of life in developing countries
Escaping reality through sophisticated shields against life's pain
Shrinking community life
Deluded quest for immortality
Distortion of life in society
Denial of right to private home life
Unethical practice of the life sciences
Chronic boredom
Denial of right to life
International imbalance in the quality of life
Environmental hazards in daily life
Arbitrary external interference in family life
Wildlife pollution hazard
Apathy toward improvement of urban life styles
Inhibition of adult life in small houses
Crimes against life
Political partisanship
Denial of health insurance to genetic groups
Undue religious influence on secular life
Struggle for financial security in urban life style
Extension of the family life-cycle
Unselfconscious approach to life
Embarrassing cultural traditions
Absence of convincing symbols connecting the individual's life to the cosmos
Deformation of plant life
Scarce options for involvement in cultural activities
Cosmically inharmonious way of life
Denial to animals of the right to conditions of life and liberty proper to their species
Female mid-life crisis
Unequal regional distribution of deaths
Discrimination against children
Prohibitive cost of life insurance
Lack of relevant education in rural communities
Impermanent living conditions
Restriction of social life to family
Unfruitful relationship between work and society
Lack of variety of social life forms
Breach of covenant
Social structure of sin
Monotonous quality of life
Absence of traditional patterns of community life
Paralyzing complexity of urban structures
Personal life crises
Deteriorating quality of life
Threatened animal and plant life due to radioactive contamination
Denial of the right to life through legislation
Middle-age spread
Unbalanced social life
Desacralization of life
Subsistence life style
Increasing pace of life
Unfulfilled aspirations of economic life
Ineffective functional training
Discrepancies in human life evaluation
Contempt for traditional atttitudes to nature
Illegal repackaging of food
Decline of street life
Inadequate night life entertainment facilities
Dissociation of truth from politics
Spiritual void
Restricted family options
Inappropriate projection of values onto other cultures
Denial to animals of the right to life
Repudiation of eternal life
Limited functional abilities
Exclusion of disabled persons from social and cultural life
Panic disorder
Media theatricalization of public life and politics
Religious theology disrelated to life
Inhibition of individual psychological development through life phases
Unstable family life
Minimal family interest of urban life styles
Lack of family life education
Inequality of life expectancy by gender
Enticing attractions of city life
Decreasing diversity of biological species
Unproductive extension of schooling
Planned obsolescence
Psychological stress of urban environment
Pursuit of personal prestige
Naive approach to the marriage covenant
Searching for meaning
Teaching about sexuality
Patenting of life-forms
Using life-cycle analysis
Using life-cycle analysis
Studying life support systems
Reconciling professional and family life
Improving quality of human life
Expanding cooperative research on life cycles of high seas species
Respecting community of life
Incorporating cultural heritage into daily life
Monitoring sustainable quality of life
Rehearsing individual story
Promoting participation of the disabled in family life
Broadening participation in culture
Providing services that promote healthy lives
Romanticizing communal life
Extending producer responsibility
Living artistic life
Educating for quality of life
Monitoring toxic chemicals during their entire life cycle
Taking a responsible care approach during full life cycle of chemical products
Controlling industrial effluents with precautionary measures based on life-cycle analysis
Keeping diary
Training married couples in responsible procreation
Creating productive employment relating to the environment
Conserving aquatic life
Celebrating Gospel of life
Developing cure for AIDS
Designing life support systems
Choosing to viaticate
Adopting new lifestyle
Generating human life
Developing holiness in priestly life
Choosing to be unconditionally pro-life
Celebrating life
Improving life saving methods
Building a culture of life
Reconciling people with life
Incorporating biodiversity into business life-cycle assessments
Forming consciences regarding value of human life
Establishing quality of life indicators
Fostering broader life images
Enriching neighbourhood cultural life
Enriching cultural life
Requiring radical comedy in life
Requiring absurd tragedy in life
Guarding meaningful involvement
Enriching infant life experiences
Fostering broad life experiences
Promoting positive life-orientations
Enlarging people's life experience
Enriching child's life experience
Sharing common life experience
Developing shrine/community relations
Planning local neighbourhood life
Building practical skills development
Injecting contingency into life's meaning
Ensuring continual employment
Demonstrating external life styles
Revealing continually life experience
Teaching comprehensive life education
Ensuring adequate life education
Determining communal roles
Providing vessel for life's demands
Keeping traditions meaningful to modern life
Facilitating local life style
Harvesting saleable marine life
Designing fulfilling life style
Defining transitional phases of life
Supporting symbol creating activities
Providing channel for appreciation of life's meanings
Designing community cultural life
Building community social fabric
Rehearsing celebrative life patterns
Sharing functional life skills
Maintaining freedom of life style
Perpetuating conflicting life styles
Telling personal story
Illuminating purpose of life
Reinforcing life styles
Reflecting on life questions
Infusing new life into society through new generation
Demanding honour for all stages of life
Redefining cyclical roles through passage of life
Demonstrating fullness of life cycles
Demanding expression of life realities
Providing social awareness
Transmitting life understandings
Pointing to life experiences
Holding to life experience
Relating stories to life situations
Promoting futuric community life style
Ritualizing common life
Symbolizing life phases
Revitalizing secular symbolic life
Educating global life style
Creating spirit life forms
Introducing corporate life methodologies
Exploring life issues
Intensifying corporate life
Intensifying life dynamics
Affirming all phases of community life
Creating community rituals
Nurturing spirit dimension
Holding community celebrations
Releasing secular religious style
Exemplifying life stance
Dramatizing vision of life
Educating for marriage and family life
Forging family life-style
Developing culture
Articulating life perceptions
Developing life stories
Focusing life decisions
Celebrating life transitions
Remodelling celebrational life
Signalling community power
Illuminating life experiences
Training the community
Neglecting agricultural and rural life
Marking shelf-life of products
Politicizing social life
Depoliticizing social life
Assisting those in poverty
Restricting social life
Restricting social life to family
Informing individuals on life options
Planning of product life cycles
Enriching life aspirations
Relieving stressful life experiences
Preserving traditional lifestyle
Providing alternative to traditional cultural life
Reinforcing rural culture
Using due valuation of life
Prolonging life
Abolishing unethical practices of the life sciences
Fulfilling aspirations of economic life
Integrating contemporary life-styles
Increasing social commitment of contemporary life-styles
Relating education to life
Relating theology to life
Relating human wisdom to daily life
Respecting unwillingness to risk loss of life
Counselling upheavals in private life
Reducing amount of electronic scrap
Breaching covenant
Making covenants for life
Precipitating personal life crises
Managing personal life crises
Risking death
Preserving diversity of biological species
Denying right to life
Denying animals the right to life
Including disabled persons in cultural life
Evaluating life
Reducing discrimination in access to eternal life
Respecting life vows
Dominating daily life
Denying access to eternal life
Erecting shields against life's pain
Integrating community life
Protecting against hazards in daily life
Balancing social life
Unbalancing social life
Balancing international quality of life
Unbalancing international quality of life
Balancing international quality of working life
Unbalancing international quality of working life
Imposing universal way of life
Increasing pace of life
Decreasing pace of life
Stimulating adult life in small houses
Stimulating individual psychological development through life phases
Using medical life support systems
Stabilizing family life
Resisting government intervention in society
Abstaining from family life education
Abstaining from family life education
Abstaining from development of life skills
Restoring life
Preserving reverence for life
Researching relationship between employment and social life
Recreating meaning of life
Providing cultural life
Limiting monotonous quality of life
Affirming life events
Improving life saving devices
Expressing life
Exalting family life
Growing in the christian life
Promoting equitable life style
Protecting life
Promoting local life
Liberalizing religious life
Networking life insurance companies
Respecting human life
Achieving better life
Standardizing life
Discovering spiritual life
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values