Dramatizing vision of life

Dramatizing life vision
Expanding people's understanding of what is possible for them and for the globe. The effect is individual engagement in world service.
An integral part of remodelling celebrational life to give ultimate significance to the life of everyone.
Tactics include: role expansion to enable people to see the variety of postures they are capable of assuming in various situations; cultural wisdom to encourage every person to share the vision and knowledge that he has gleaned from his unique heritage; expansion of horizons in which the individual sees himself as participating through redefining such arenas as family and community; vision extension to broaden concepts of what the future may be like, so that a person may authentically participate in its creation; and intensifying and making more wide-spread the exposure of futuric images through various media. An example is the invention of the Peace Corps, offering USA citizens the possibility of working in a developing country, thereby giving them a broader understanding of their vocation.
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D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 15: Life on Land