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While the foundation of creative work may be primarily conscious and purposeful execution, the productions of art and other creative acts cannot be separated from the lives of their authors. Artistic life in its totality inevitably includes purposeful conscious execution, as otherwise there would be no sustained production, but it encompasses the entire range of life experience of the artist or creator in which non-conscious, non-directional, and non-rational elements enter. These may be factors attributed variously to the instincts, to the emotions or to the higher feelings; or to the unconscious or subconscious; or to intuition, to inspiration or to the superconscious. Much of this experience, even though it may a significant factor at the very moments of creation, cannot be verbalized by the creative person, and it is left to theorists to postulate definitions and rules for what essentially is the work of the indefinite, unbound, and unitary human spirit.
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. (Pablo Picasso).
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