human value


Other Names:
Funding youth participation
Supporting participation of women in work force
Fostering popular participation in development
Expanding social participation of women
Researching social action
Ensuring local participation in coastal zone management
Assessing progress on participation of women in settlements development
Ensuring participation of developing countries in collection of environmental data
Promoting paternal involvement in child rearing
Ensuring participation with local communities
Pooling total internal participation
Increasing participation of women in the public services
Providing access for the disabled to the physical environment
Enhancing participation of women in higher education
Improving participation and empowerment of the poor
Expanding public participation in formulating forest programmes
Facilitating public participation in sustainable land management
Promoting participation of women in preservation of the environment
Supporting public participation in urban environment improvement programmes
Promoting participation of women in cultural development
Increasing participation of women in cooperatives
Ensuring participation of developing countries in international research
Ensuring public participation for sustainable agriculture
Increasing participation of women in trade unions
Generating community support for environmental health programmes
Determining degree of social participation
Promoting participation of the disabled in family life
Broadening participation in culture
Encouraging developing country participation in multilateral agreements
Equalizing opportunities for persons with disabilities
Strengthening role of indigenous communities for sustainable development
Reforming resettlement through participation
Creating community
Increasing public participation in trade policy-making
Promoting the equal participation of the disabled in religion
Increasing tenant participation in housing
Improving international research on climate change
Expanding public participation in environmental research and in setting long-term societal goals
Recognizing major non-governmental groups as key partners in implementing Agenda 21
Improving participation
Ensuring participation of the poor in selection of technology
Increasing public participation in hazardous waste management
Formalizing education for women and girls
Expanding public participation in solid waste management
Increasing participation of children in integrated community management of resources
Expanding public participation in water resources planning
Monitoring public participation in national environmental action plans
Increasing public participation in environmental policy discussions
Improving NGO participation in Agenda 21 review and evaluation
Expanding public participation of women in water projects
Developing public libraries
Modelling participatory processes
Extending waste management services to the unserved urban poor
Limiting size of meetings
Fostering trade union participation in sustainable development programmes
Monitoring NGO participation with national environmental action plans
Monitoring NGO participation with national environmental action plans
Expanding trade union participation in sustainable development
Supporting community waste recycling
Expanding regional cooperation on concerns and participation of indigenous peoples
Improving procedures for NGO participation in United Nations meetings
Promoting public participation in environmental decision-making
Encouraging universal participation in the Global Environment Facility
Promoting public participation in national environmental health action plans
Ratifying international agreements on women's rights and participation
Increasing financial support to NGO participation in United Nations programmes
Strengthening participation of women in sustainable development programmes
Ensuring total student participation
Performing theatre with audience participation
Involving residents
Generating effective dynamic teachers
Engaging broad leadership participation
Establishing cultural expectations of gender functions
Eliciting active parent participation
Affording protected participation for the young
Intentionalizing work day participation
Attracting wide political participation
Recognizing social context for meaningful involvement
Eliciting community development effort
Engaging informed active participation
Ensuring active adult participation
Increasing public participation in desertification control
Engaging total female participation
Communicating effective participation
Ensuring resident participation
Creating community youth participation
Determining communal roles
Encouraging whole family participation
Enhancing creative community participation
Strengthening inclusive community structures
Sponsoring presidents participation activities
Establishing local participation opportunities
Ensuring social participation
Allowing broad participation in establishment of social acceptable behaviour
Providing structures for participation
Identifying participation in decision-making
Demanding individual participation in decision-making in society
Opening channels for societal engagement
Defining participation style of social unit
Allowing participation in decision-making
Limiting desire for social involvement
Allowing time for participation
Increasing individual responsibility
Ensuring family participation in society
Restricting individual participation
Eliciting social participation
Ensuring structured participation of elders
Ensuring grassroots participation in decision-making
Activating dissenter participation
Localizing regulatory participation
Enabling judicatory participation
Symbolizing community roles
Enabling local global participation
Formalizing common participation
Eliciting creative participation
Enabling grassroot participation
Intensifying participation in local accountability structures
Channelling services participation
Developing union participation
Localizing global cooperative participation
Upholding just participation
Intentionalizing social participation
Energizing mass participation
Enabling participation in the judiciary
Re-engaging citizen participation
Actualizing dissenter participation
Localizing participation in legislation
Involving stakeholders in management decisions
Increasing church attendance
Reducing popular participation
Reducing church attendance
Refusing participation of families
Restricting participation in international decision-making
Monitoring civic participation
Encouraging citizen participation
Distorting international trade as a result of government participation
Strengthening citizen participation
Participating in social processes
Treating fear of participation
Forcing participation in politics
Forcing participation in social processes
Forcing participation in community activity
Enabling individual participation in large communities
Abstaining from youth participation
Providing sufficient organized participation
Abstaining from organized participation
Abstaining from participation in development
Providing sufficient participation in local politics
Abstaining from participation in local politics
Abstaining from participation in development by women
Abstaining from popular participation in decision-making
Abstaining from participation in the international monetary system
Providing sufficient worker participation in business decision-making
Abstaining from worker participation in business decision-making
Providing sufficient patient participation in medical decision-making
Abstaining from patient participation in medical decision-making
Participating as local communities in democratic processes
Abstaining from participation by local communities in democratic processes
Limiting participation in neighbourhood action
Limiting access to natural resource use decisions
Freeing up participation in neighbourhood action
Encouraging outdoor leisure activity
Expressing participation
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values