Promoting participation of women in preservation of the environment

Enhancing role of women in biodiversity conservation
Women, and rural women in particular, play a vital role in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Often being responsible for gathering fuelwood, building materials, medicines or food, they are also frequently most directly affected by a local loss in biodiversity. Their involvement in the implementation of conservation and sustainable use measures will be key to ensuring that the use of resources for subsistence purposes is sustainable, and that livelihoods are secured. As mothers and educators, women also have a central role to play in raising awareness amongst future generations as to the importance and value of conserving and sustainably using the country's biodiversity. Their role in decision-making requires particular emphasis, given the fact that women have thus far been largely marginalised from decisions concerning the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 5: Gender EqualityGOAL 15: Life on Land