Increasing individual responsibility

Cultivating social obligations
Enhancing civic participation
Broadening individual participation
1. The task of the democratic process is frustrated if people do not express themselves to the government supposedly representative of them. People have the responsibility to keep themselves informed, express their desires, goals and concerns clearly to governments and to exercise common sense in choosing their leaders. Although governments can set norms and guidelines it is the responsibility of each individual to participate in society in this way.

2. Particular attention must be paid to character formation in each boy by developing in him the sense of responsibility, the capacity to use his judgment concerning men and events, and the spirit of initiative. For this reason, directors of seminaries must use moderation in the employment of coercive means, gradually lightening the system of rigorous control and restrictions as the boys grow older, by helping the boys themselves to stand on their own feet and to feel responsibility for their own actions. Directors should give a certain liberty of action in some kinds of projects habituating their pupils to reflect so that the assimilation of theoretical and practical truths may become easier for them. Let directors have no fear in keeping them in contact with the events of the day which apart from furnishing them with the necessary material for forming and expressing a good judgment can form material for discussions to help them and accustom them to form judgments and reach balanced conclusions. In this way young men are put on the path of honesty and loyalty, of esteem for firmness and uprightness of character and aversion for falsehood and every kind of duplicity. The more sincere and upright they are, the better can they be known and guided by their superiors who must judge whether they are called by God to undertake the burdens of the sacred ministry. (Papal Writings, Menti Nostrae, 23 September 1960).

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