human value


Promoting employee responsibility
Designating responsibility for financial resource development
Developing value codes for business
Promoting joint responsibility in reproduction
Researching corporate social responsibility
Sharing family responsibilities
Activating social conscience of engineers
Sharing responsibilities
Enabling lifelong contextual re-education
Extending producer responsibility
Decentralizing government health services
Establishing joint responsibility for trade in restricted chemicals
Decentralizing government activities
Increasing social responsibility of banks
Caring for matter
Enhancing corporate environmental responsibility
Organizing responsibility for the marine environment
Promoting awareness of responsibility of scientists
Upgrading social science responsibility
Ensuring corporate social responsibility
Restoring free responsibility
Taking responsibility by elders for clan
Broadening local citizen responsibility
Assuming water service responsibility
Cultivating skills in community responsibility
Assuming crime control responsibility
Particularizing responsibility
Demanding common statement of social codes
Holding society accountable
Demanding individual responsibility
Increasing individual responsibility
Providing trans-social models for social responsibility
Particularizing responsibility in marriage
Establishing global governmental responsibility
Conferring inclusive responsibility
Obtaining common responsibility
Promulgating responsibility scheme
Symbolizing comprehensive responsibility
Symbolizing leadership responsibility
Developing retailer responsibility
Interpreting unlimited responsibility
Prioritizing distribution responsibility
Monitoring representational responsibility
Promoting means of developing global responsibility
Neglecting areas of responsibility
Taking leadership responsibility
Claiming local responsibility
Exercising responsibility for external relations
Abrogating responsibility
Providing images of social responsibility
Avoiding responsibility
Tightening state responsibility for youth offenders
Taking responsibility for community improvements
Denying state responsibility for neglected children
Being derelict of duty
Advocating individual responsibility
Denying government responsibility for errors
Connecting with represented constituency
Strengthening social responsibility
Personalizing responsibility
Personalizing responsibility in education
Making difficult decisions
Making difficult decisions
Limiting community responsibility of adults
Limiting understanding to measurable factors
Sharing development responsibility
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values