Energizing mass participation

Developing power in individuals and groups through formal and informal media and education structures. The effect is the enabling of structures that become signals of the awakening of the sense of responsibility.
An integral part of awakening global individuals to assume global responsibility by creating structures for catalyzing community consensus to which each individual is accountable.
Tactics include: media permeation to utilize various aspects of public communication systems to awaken the individual to his global responsibility; education to utilize experience-oriented curricula, designed to shape an individual's world-view relative to his his responsibility; popular preaching to impact the secular world with everyday contexts which reveal the possibility of global citizenship; task identification to determine and coordinate task priorities to enable the engagement of grassroots forces; and engagement models to create and enact models which enable everyone's journey of global citizenship. The example is the gathering for regular tutorials on pedagogy which is the structure for individuals assuming responsibility for promoting recruitment and permeation for arousing that sense of community power.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies