human value


Other Names:
Transferring energy efficient technologies
Transferring energy efficient technologies
Using energy efficient lighting
Employing energy efficient design
Improving urban transport
Developing resource efficient methods and technologies
Increasing efficient use of marine living resources for food
Increasing technical assistance to developing countries to design and operate efficient tax systems
Retrofitting energy efficient systems
Improving efficient operation of equipment
Constructing low energy buildings
Distributing energy from renewable sources
Ensuring economical usage of natural resources by industry
Improving business information
Greening urban environments
Improving efficiency of trade
Producing energy-efficient appliances
Developing mechanisms for efficient and harmonized environmental information exchange
Cooperating in the use of outer space
Implementing efficient rural water cost-recovery programmes
Providing incentives for efficient investment
Building resource efficient housing
Developing efficient draught animal power
Ensuring constant product markets
Procuring modern irrigation equipment
Structuring retail marketing of goods
Assuring safe efficient bridges
Coordinating relations with resource suppliers
Structuring wholesale marketing of materials
Structuring market for consumer items
Activating efficient transmission of industrial processes
Providing mother/child care
Heightening efficiency of industrial processes
Furnishing modernized communication systems
Furnishing modernized communication systems
Requiring efficient extraction of raw materials
Identifying obstacles to efficient utilization of time
Limiting efficient utilization of time
Studying causes of lack of solidarity with the poor
Increasing efficiency of financial markets
Designing more fuel efficient engines
Providing hurricane warning system
Promoting good efficient lighting
Advancing energy efficiency
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values