human value


Establishing international environmental court of justice
Implementing standards in crime prevention
Developing minimum rules for the administration of criminal justice
Developing a global crime prevention information system
Recognizing environmental justice
Informing young people about the law
Facilitating public access to justice in environmental matters
Achieving racial justice
Achieving universal justice
Providing social affirmation for corporate justice systems
Subsuming fair standards in favour of social justice
Defining leadership roles in achieving corporate justice
Illuminating social injustice
Establishing corporate justice
Providing due process
Maintaining social order
Prosecuting offences against the administration of justice
Defining offences against the administration of justice
Perverting justice
Condemning perversion of justice
Privatizing justice
Reducing amount of "do-it-yourself" justice
Refusing jurisdiction of international courts of justice
Accepting jurisdiction of international courts of justice
Using structural injustice
Obstructing justice
Corrupting justice
Researching deficiencies in the criminal justice system
Administering criminal justice
Improving civil justice systems
Improving criminal justice system
Denying right to justice
Denying right to justice for women
Using injustice
Using social injustice
Using political injustice
Trusting system of justice
Exposing elitist justice
Using elitist justice
Reducing delay in administration of justice
Delaying administration of justice
Reducing delay in administration of criminal justice
Delaying administration of criminal justice
Covering up miscarriage of criminal justice
Miscarrying criminal justice
Reducing miscarriage of criminal justice
Rehabilitating victims of miscarriage of justice
Trying illegally
Administering justice
Improving international judicial system
Increasing effectiveness of legal system
Reducing inequality of access to the law
Reducing inequality before the law
Ensuring justice
Ensuring structural justice
Ensuring legislative justice
Ensuring remembrance of past injustice
Ensuring justice within the family
Ensuring international economic justice
Ensuring response to injustice
Forgetting past injustice
Abstaining from justice
Providing sufficient confidence in administration of justice
Abstaining from confidence in administration of justice
Claiming miscarriage of justice
Enforcing administration of justice
Improving administration of justice
Criminalizing justice agencies
Attaining social justice
Linking criminal justice documentation
Seeking justice
Operating justice systems
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values