human value


Researching social action
Promoting paternal involvement in child rearing
Defining vocational possibilities
Setting individual context for meaningful involvement
Increasing involvement of women in science and technology
Studying great power regional involvement
Expanding NGO involvement in the United Nations system
Recognizing major non-governmental groups as key partners in implementing Agenda 21
Using indigenous methods to maximize local involvement in drinking water supply and sanitation
Expanding public participation of women in water projects
Expanding public participation of women in water projects
Increasing involvement of NGOs in designing and implementing education programmes for sustainable development
Expanding involvement of NGOs in public information and education programmes
Strengthening involvement of NGOs in trade negotiations
Combining public and private sector resources in biodiversity conservation
Creating structural adjustments for biodiversity conservation
Studying criminal activity
Fostering civic training involvement
Enabling particular task involvement
Organizing creative local involvement
Eliciting adequate healthful involvement
Eliciting practical citizen involvement
Eliciting active parent participation
Guarding meaningful involvement
Recognizing escape patterns
Affording supported activities for the young
Building parent/child involvement
Recognizing future possibilities for meaningful involvement
Recognizing social context for meaningful involvement
Encouraging extended parental involvement
Fostering broad significant involvement
Creating community youth participation
Eliciting ongoing financial involvement
Enlisting responsible civic involvement
Requiring involvement of reproductive members of society
Providing relevant economic involvement
Promoting total community involvement
Encouraging all age activities
Designing fulfilling life style
Stimulating local organization involvement
Ensuring social participation
Creating social tension through involvement in corporate welfare
Opening channels for societal engagement
Limiting desire for social involvement
Providing images of meaningful involvement in society
Providing images of meaningful involvement in society
Fulfilling purposeful vocation
Demonstrating signal involvement
Training ecological involvement
Coordinating industrial involvement
Organizing structural involvement of family
Exposing scandal in the military
Informing individuals on life options
Using community education structures
Supporting involvement in experimental initiatives
Monitoring government involvement in human rights violations
Fostering involvement of international nongovernmental organizations in regional development
Studying criminal involvement of the press
Studying criminal involvement by consultants
Exposing criminal involvement in travel abuses
Researching criminal involvement in insurance industry
Researching criminal involvement in clothes production
Researching criminal involvement in the property sector
Exposing criminal involvement with the entertainment industry
Researching criminal involvement in the construction industry
Satisfying customers
Satisfying customers
Providing sufficient involvement in community affairs
Limiting participation in neighbourhood action
Preserving youth engagement
Increasing church-school involvement
Providing cultural life
Monitoring doctors' involvement in torture
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values