Organizing structural involvement of family

Stimulating missional families
Enabling the family, acting individually and corporately, to participate in the community to its fullest capacity. The effect is to articulate the decision to be a self-conscious family with a mission.
An integral part of redirecting family purpose, building a new internal order and stability and being directed towards engagement in the community outside itself on behalf of everyone.
Tactics include: defining needs and tasks and providing personnel to carry them out, allowing each person to know his specific responsibilities to the family and the community; resources to provide for the economic welfare of the family so that it might fulfil its purpose; models to demonstrate means by which the family is released from mundanities to carry out its mission; accountability forms to encourage the family and its members to be responsible to itself and every level of the community; and corporate decision to give families practice in making choices both within the family and in other groups. An example is a child-care structure set up to free the parents to participate communally.
Family breakdown
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