human value


Other Names:
Studying lifestyles
Researching cross-cultural differences in road safety
Reconciling differences
Negotiating flexible remuneration for work
Recognizing human physical difference
Bridging differences
Redressing differences in allocation of resources
Ensuring environmental standards do not lead to unjustified trade restrictions
Tolerating individual differences
Reducing political differences among countries
Manipulating policy differences within countries
Exploiting differences
Protecting cultural differences
Taxing companies differentially
Reducing information barriers due to language differences
Creating biodiversity conservation taxes
Repudiating age differences
Tolerating religious diversity
Modernizing legal framework
Understanding sexuality
Exposing differences in theoretical systems of economic development
Establishing cultural differentiation
Providing ideological opposition
Reducing ideological rivalry
Deepening understanding of individual differences
Deepening understanding of cultural differences
Tolerating sex differences
Exploiting inherent sex differences
Tolerating temperamental differences
Exploiting temperamental differences
Exploiting human physical difference
Tolerating human physical differences
Exploiting differing conceptions of time
Understanding differing conceptions of time
Tolerating differences in sexual activity
Exploiting differences in sexual activity
Reducing differences in sexual activity
Understanding cultural differences in fertility
Exploiting cultural differences in fertility
Appreciating individual differences
Failing to acknowledge differences
Acknowledging differences
Reducing differences
Exploiting policy differences
Accommodating policy differences within countries
Exploiting ideological differences
Exploiting political differences among countries
Exploiting international differences in trading practices
Exploiting racially-determined differences in intelligence
Dismissing racial-profiling in intelligence
Ensuring difference between objectives and implementation
Ignoring ethnic difference
Ensuring bureaucratic recognition of ethnic difference
Exploiting differential economic performance among countries
Campaigning to reduce the age of consent
Minimizing disparity between vision and actuality
Negotiating national policy
Unbalancing international quality of working life
Distinguishing fantasy from reality
Tolerating distinctions
Abstaining from appreciation of cultural differences
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values