Dismissing racially-determined differences in intelligence

Denying differences in intelligence between ethnic groups
The overwhelming concensus of experts in the field of intelligence is that environmental conditions account for most disparity when the test results of large groups are compared. Yes, in the USA, blacks score about 15 points lower than whites, whilst Asians score about 10 point higher than whites, on intelligence tests. These figures (not in dispute), can easily be misinterpreted as a link between intelligence and race. In northern Ireland, Catholics (white) scored about 15 points lower on IQ tests than Protestants (white). In comparing group and race intelligence the only common denominator is environmental conditions. Northern Irish white Catholics just as African Americans have a long history of being subjected to discrimination and oppression. African Americans have been denied (though they have also denied themselves) the means to climb out of their socio-economic conditions. Environmental conditions such as inadequate or no prenatal care, inadequate education, health care and nutrition, being frozen out of the job market, lack of father figure, the negative self-destroying psychological effects that may accompany such environmental factors (e.g. feelings of inferiority and depression) have an impact on intelligence. Asian Americans, on the other hand, tend to grow up more in nurturing environments than other groups. They can expect more family support, and are pushed harder and/or motivated more to do well. Of course there are individual genetic differences in intelligence, but those differences are larger from individual to individual than from group/race to group/race, as with other traits. Thus, black people can be more intelligent than asians and whites, and so on.
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