human value


Other Names:
Related Problems:
Environmental degradation of inner city areas
Social neglect
Government incompetence
Government incompetence
Neglect of the aged
Inaccessibility of health services
Neglected food resources
Neglect of expert advice
Neglect of women farmers
Limited social guidance by older generations
Neglected health practices
Inadequate care of community space
Inadequate personal hygiene
Urban bias
Neglect of victims of crime
Unformed pattern of cooperative action
Fear of growing old
Unresponsive public authorities
Abuse of native peoples
Quantitative understanding of responsibility
Social neglect of war veterans
Discrimination against women in education
Lagging training in social skills
Passive discrimination
Unexplored opportunities for community education
Neglect of adolescent health care
Neglect of sexual health of women
Irrelevant scientific activity
Neglect of dependents of war victims
Neglect of agricultural and rural life
Inadequate maintenance of infrastructure
Lack of coastal development
Bilingual education
Neglect of the role of women in rural development
Neglect by research of natural resource product expansion
Neglect of international nongovernmental organization network
Social hardships of economic reform
Neglect of non-western structures in international nongovernmental organizations
Neglect of basic necessities
Noninclusive council representation
Neglected organization training
Unmaintained educational facilities
Accidents caused by neglect
Homicide by neglect
Inadequate assistance to victims of torture
Neglect of elderly in institutional care
Neglected young children
Uncompleted sidewalk repairs
Neglected community uniqueness
Lack of individual initiative
Neglect of worker health
Children neglected by teachers
Neglected relations
Neglect of cultural diversity by social service agencies
Neglect of environmental consequences of government policies
Neglect of property maintenance
Physically isolated ethnic groups
Abandoned children
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values