Inadequate assistance to victims of torture

Other Names:
Neglect of victims of torture

Rarely do countries have special funding for care structures for torture victims who often are in need of financial, social, medical and psychological help after release. Practically all victims suffer from multiple mental and physical sequelae to torture that prevent them from leading normal lives at work and at home. The immediate and long-term effects of physical and psychological abuse are oppressive: suicide is a not uncommon result of torture, either in prison to avoid further pain or after release due to the suffering that persists. The after-effects are felt by the families of the victims as well; they are often unqualified to give proper support and care. Because of their fear, some torture victims simply do not request medical help.


By 1992, only 3 centres for torture victims could be found worldwide, including one in Minneapolis, Copenhagen and Toronto.

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E: Emanations of other problems
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