Passive discrimination

Other Names:
Discrimination by social neglect

African-American males, who are disproportionately low income, face a variety of problems, including the social and economic decline of inner cities, and diminished opportunities for young people; the continuing failure of schools, health care systems, and other institutional supports, to prepared young black males to occupy legitimate roles in society; continuing poverty and a distribution of wealth which has resulted in even greater disparity between the rich and poor over the last 20 years. The death rate for young blacks are notorious, making a day in the streets of Washington DC far more perilous than the jungles of Vietnam. The black community's percentage of all drug arrests nationally increased from 30 to 38% between 1984 and 1988. One in four black men aged 20-29 is either in prison, on probation or on parole.

Broader Problems:
Social neglect
Problem Type:
D: Detailed problems
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 1: No PovertyGOAL 10: Reduced InequalityGOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
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