Lack of coastal development

Other Names:
Neglected marine coastal resources of countries
Undeveloped coastal zones

The development potential of coastal zones includes: fish and products of mariculture for the local population or for export; energy; water; and contributions to land-based agriculture. The conservation of marine life, coastal conservation and the control of marine pollution assume great importance in this context.


[Small island developing states] Lack of effective exploitation of island developing countries coastal zones, including reefs, increases the need for imports and decreases food security; and lack of integration of marine space utilization and sea resources into national development strategies affects a large number of sectoral roles, such as agriculture, energy and environmental management. In many areas of great potential importance to the self-reliant development of island developing countries, such as mariculture, polyculture, energy and coastal transport, development efforts may well take a decade or more to ripen into substantial value-adding and other economic gains.

Problem Type:
D: Detailed problems
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