Training needed skills
Providing training
Training dogs
Centering people
Training editors
Training experts
Training experts
Training managers
Training citizens
Training referees
Training trainers
Training for jobs
Training students
Training personnel
Training catholics
Educating graduates
Training performers
Training specialists
Training in pedagogy
Training fellowships
Training translators
Training instructors
Training counsellors
Training tradespeople
Training professionals
Training civil society
Training string players
Teaching basic first aid
Training for emergencies
Training in basic hygiene
Training prison chaplains
Training practical skills
Training in solar cooking
Training in decision making
Training in genetic cloning
Training peacekeeping troops
Training in marketing skills
Training temporary employees
Training younger researchers
Training on land conservation
Training people to use credit
Training for economic control
Training high level personnel
Training educational planners
Training in rural development
Developing essential abilities
Developing vocational training
Providing professional courses
Training in societal functions
Training general statisticians
Training educational personnel
Training in geo-social gridding
Training ecological involvement
Training for village governance
Developing managerial competence
Developing apprentice programmes
Cultivating new employable skills
Training public service officials
Training in international finance
Training in structured methodology
Training information professionals
Training professional screenwriters
Training human resources development
Training communication professionals
Training women in the informal sector
Training senior cooperative executives
Training in population and development
Training local development facilitators
Training environmental impact assessors
Training in polity and consensus methods
Training in polity and consensus methods
Providing training in regional development
Educating home-owners to use renewable energy
Educating home-owners to use renewable energy
Training observers to be placed on fishing vessels
Training married couples in responsible procreation
Training for self-employment in the urban informal sector
Training in environmental aspects of enterprise management
Providing training on collection of animal genetic material
Providing training about integrated environmental accounting
Strengthening intersectoral approaches to training health workers
Training mountain communities in integrated environmental management
Training local environmental technicians to assist local people and communities
Training scientists to integrate environment in research and development projects
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth