Training in solar cooking

Educating in the use of solar cookers
The provision of more training programmes and facilities for end-users and promoters of solar cooking, particularly in developing countries and countries where natural resources are being over-used.

Encouragement of the increased training of women in technology development and adaptation, especially solar cooking.

Production of sufficient locally adapted training and information materials based on available experience.

A professional campaign to raise awareness, to sensitise and educate should be launched with the aim to influence the choices of consumers in favour of Solar Devices. Kindergartens, schools, colleges, vocational training centres, hospitals and old-age-homes can be primary addresses for such campaigns.

Governments should include programmes on solar devices in all educational institutions. They should also budget for regular efforts to enhance the understanding of the necessity to increase the use of Solar Technology in the public.

1. UNESCO should encourage and support member states to introduce energy saving cooking strategies, including solar cooking into all school curricula.
Using solar cookers
Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies
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GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production