human value


Enabling fair elections
Developing minimum rules for the administration of criminal justice
Providing administration
Improving hospital administration
Improving administration systems
Establishing planning administration
Developing public service system
Administering foreign relations
Inventing new administrative schemes
Offering planned family administration
Skilling administrators
Reforming tax systems
Structuring personnel administration
Administering social consensus
Activating system administration
Enabling plant administration
Sustaining personnel administration
Decentralizing administration
Prosecuting offences against the administration of justice
Defining offences against the administration of justice
Emphasizing economic administration
Relying on bureaucratic delays
Denying right to justice
Reducing delay in administration of justice
Delaying administration of justice
Reducing delays in administration of medical care
Delaying administration of medical care
Reducing delay in administration of criminal justice
Delaying administration of criminal justice
Strengthening role of village government for rural development
Improving administration of aid
Improving international judicial system
Requiring administration of aid
Reducing inequality before the law
Providing sufficient transparency in government
Providing sufficient confidence in administration of justice
Abstaining from confidence in administration of justice
Improving administration
Improving administration of local government
Improving administration in international organizations
Enforcing administration of justice
Internalizing administration
Assisting national labour administration
Improving educational administration
Improving administration of justice
Regionalizing administration
Assisting tax administrators
Assisting tax administrators
Improving local administration
Regionalizing labour administration
Professionalizing public administration
Progressing international administration
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values