human value


Protesting lack of integration of environmental and economic issues
Creating local currency systems
Facilitating economic structural adjustment
Capturing environmental value
Forming transnational economy
Liberalizing trade
Researching women's role in the economy
Keeping pace with globalizing economy
Diversifying local economies
Planning a de-carbonized economy
Strengthening national economies
Promoting solidarity-based economy
Restoring consumer confidence
Understanding modern money economy
Planning national economy
Exposing historical necessity for democratic government
Redirecting global economy
Pumping up economy
Researching effects of subsistence poverty economy
Resisting conversion from arms manufacture to a peaceful economy
Dismantling traditional rural economy
Deepening symbols of the economy
Operating underground economy
Exposing underground economy
Providing vertical linkages between rural producers and the economy
Preserving rural subsistence economy
Revitalizing rural subsistence economy
Dividing economic community
Dominating world economy
Exposing elitist control of global economy
Controlling global economy
Exploiting through economy
Integrating international economy
Balancing world food economy
Unbalancing world food economy
Increasing economic efficiency
Reducing economic inflation
Stabilizing the world economy
Destabilizing world economy
Destabilizing national economies
Protesting government interference in the national economy
Limiting local economy
Managing national economy
Strengthening monopoly of the economy by corporations
Limiting monopoly of the economy by corporations
Developing rural economy
Expanding world economy
Facilitating transition to market economies
Facilitating cooperation among institutions concerning transport economy
Challenging globalization
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values