human value


Other Names:
Investing in environmental conservation
Reducing disincentives to hire workers
Providing incentives to undertake conservation measures
Providing incentives for investment in forestry development in drylands
Providing incentive conditions for production
Providing economic incentives
Providing incentives for industry to use cleaner production technology
Increasing land supply by incentives
Establishing beneficial policies for foreign investment
Providing incentives for unemployed
Providing incentives for efficient investment
Using performance-related incentives
Providing incentives for sustainable use of natural resources by farmers
Providing incentives for waste reuse and recycling
Eliminating material incentives
Providing incentives for biodiversity conservation
Providing incentives to improve the marketability of recyclable wastes
Providing economic incentives for conservation of natural resources
Reducing smoking with tax incentives
Providing incentives for managers
Reducing smoking with health incentives
Providing financial incentives to landowners for biodiversity conservation
Providing incentives to farmers for biodiversity conservation
Providing financial incentives for biodiversity conservation
Using fiscal incentives in innovative financing
Removing barriers to environmental innovation
Providing incentives to local authorities to recycle wastes
Improving national incentives for waste management
Reducing barriers and providing incentives for transfer of environmentally sound technology
Cultivating incentives to knowledge
Encouraging saving in developed countries
Providing incentives
Providing incentives to economic development
Providing incentive to transfer communal wisdom
Defining effective incentives
Providing incentives to market entry
Providing incentives for farming
Providing incentives for financial investment
Providing export incentives for developing countries products
Regulating tobacco
Providing wage incentives
Improving work incentives
Decreasing incentives for agricultural output
Decreasing incentives for agricultural output
Improving care of community property
Improving care of community property
Abstaining from provision of incentives for students
Abstaining from structures for community care
Responding to monetary incentives
Abstaining from response to monetary incentives
Replacing existing fiscal incentives
Harmonizing fiscal incentives
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values