human value


Expressing gender nonconformity
Living sustainable lifestyles
Researching adolescent sexual health
Researching consumer attitudes
Discouraging behaviours carrying negative externalities
Promoting healthy lifestyles
Checking behaviour
Maintaining ethical standards
Claiming intimidation
Changing behaviour
Studying eating
Examining forces that drive consumption
Studying relationship of humans and pets
Expanding monitoring networks on natural cycles
Assessing environmental consequences of human attitudes
Guarding standards of sexual behaviour for children
Guarding standards of sexual behaviour for teenagers
Shifting juvenile behaviour habits
Guarding standards of sexual behaviour for adults
Accepting consequences of personal situation
Requiring observance of behavioural standards
Establishing patterns of sexuality
Keeping traditions meaningful to modern life
Providing grounding for maintenance of social acceptable behaviour
Requiring context for behaviour
Demanding accountability to social guidelines
Assimilating interpretation of social guidelines
Resisting interference with individual behaviour
Requiring civic accountability
Enshrining law
Requiring adherence to behaviour pattern
Requiring change in nonconforming social behaviour
Setting precedents for responsible civic behaviour
Defining unacceptable social behaviour
Allowing broad participation in establishment of social acceptable behaviour
Embodying foundational images of socially responsible behaviour
Providing social principles for behaviour
Setting pre-determined context for socially acceptable behaviour
Changing basic covenantal understandings
Preventing excesses in individual behaviour
Guiding behaviour
Restricting interpretation of behaviour
Selecting appropriate behaviour in the young
Reinforcing behaviour patterns in the young
Demanding acceptable behaviour in the young
Structuring tradition of sexual behaviour
Requiring context for sexuality
Encouraging creative demonstration of sexuality
Educating for marriage and family life
Reducing proscription of thinking and behaviour
Taking medically risky behaviour
Reducing medically risky behaviour
Reducing immunosuppressive risk behaviour
Disciplining behaviour by member states
Abolishing unethical behaviour by government leaders
Correcting unhealthy behaviour
Using imaginative social behaviour
Researching anti-social behaviour
Researching anti-social behaviour of university students
Researching increase in antisocial behaviour due to television
Respecting traditional modes of behaviour
Avoiding dangerous behaviour
Approving dangerous behaviour
Prosecuting dangerous behaviour
Identifying behaviour dangerous to health
Supporting irresponsible behaviour
Checking destructive behaviour
Exploiting differences in sexual activity
Deterring criminal behaviour
Eliminating immorality
Stamping out sexual immorality
Imposing attitudes
Increasing antisocial behaviour
Decreasing antisocial behaviour
Enforcing behaviour
Studying dysfunctional behaviour in captive animals
Quelling malicious behaviour
Reducing disruptive behaviour in schools
Reducing incidence of criminal behaviour
Studying animal behaviour
Studying behaviour
Teaching animal behaviour
Researching opinions, behaviour and attitudes
Humanizing behaviour
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values