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Values are those concepts or approaches adopted as the motivation for behaviour. They determine favour and attraction, and also what is unappealing or distasteful to the individual. They are expressed in daily actions and lives, individually and collectively. As well as prompting behaviour, values are also the basis of judgement and evaluation of actions. They govern decisions according to what is good and bad, right and wrong. The value motivating an action will often determine the extent to which the action is right, wrong or merely neutral.
Freely chosen values are almost invariably at one with the qualities of which the worth of the individual is comprised. To reflect deeply upon value choices, to define and compare values and adopt them, is to empower ourselves and give direction to life. To remain true to oneself and such values is to attain self-respect. These values, consciously chosen, then become virtues, a natural state of being. And virtue is more than just its own reward; in any sphere of activity it is also the foundation of success whereas actions based on wrong values carry within themselves the seeds of their own nemesis.
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