human value


Other Names:
Providing alternatives to informal land supply
Supplying nuclear materials
Assessing supply for forest products
Strengthening national capacities for improving water supply
Enhancing export supply capabilities of developing countries
Enhancing export supply capabilities of developing countries
Collecting data on rural energy supply patterns
Increasing land supply by incentives
Managing supply
Increasing land supply by fiscal means
Providing environmental infrastructure for human settlements
Managing municipal water supply
Managing water supplies
Providing international health care assistance
Conducting public education programmes on drinking water supply and sanitation
Training in water sanitation
Applying water tariffs reflecting cost of water
Strengthening water management structure
Improving ability to identify potential water supply sources
Expanding integrated use of rural water supply infrastructure
Supporting use of local handling in provision of urban water supply
Increasing community ownership of water supply services
Using indigenous methods to maximize local involvement in drinking water supply and sanitation
Assessing water supply monitoring results annually
Improving management of rural water supply
Developing low-cost approach to improving drinking water supply
Providing international support for drinking water supply and sanitation programmes
Training in community water resources management
Establishing national policy to expand water supply
Identifying potential water supply sources
Expanding public participation of women in water projects
Developing alternative sources of water supply
Integrating freshwater supply measures with conservation programmes
Developing policy strategies to expand export supply capabilities
Analysing cost and benefits of labour-based approaches
Restoring consumer confidence
Establishing intersectoral planning groups and improving institutional links for urban water supply
Controlling availability of arms
Processing available crop supply
Distributing domestic water supply
Extending local food supply
Developing home power supply
Extending agricultural water usage
Lowering common supply costs
Augmenting present water supply
Maximizing internal monetary supply
Increasing basic staple foods
Enabling competitive goods supply
Supplementing available food supply
Offering necessary pharmaceutical items
Enabling arbitration of service supply contracts
Ensuring regular quality supply
Supplementing seasonal rain supply
Providing daily income supply
Coordinating relations with resource suppliers
Localizing essential goods supply
Coordinating supply of productive inputs
Extending agricultural supply lines
Coordinating manufacture of products
Providing local bread supply
Installing basic power supply
Assuring sufficient domestic supply
Purifying community water supply
Supplying continuous running water
Providing dietary protein supply
Providing sanitary water supply
Improving construction materials supply
Providing adequate electrical supply
Potentializes resource production dynamic
Supplying necessary goods and services
Assuring adequate equipment supply
Facilitating goods transport system
Assuring supply of natural resources
Securing labour supply
Maintaining supply of goods and services
Holding back excess funds
Setting supply and demand requirements for economic goods
Designing supply sources of goods
Furnishing production forces
Monitoring overstocking
Relieving scarcity of fresh water
Ensuring timely seed supply
Increasing available land
Reducing delay in supply of agreed multilateral assistance
Improving energy supply infrastructure
Improving water supply in rural communities
Improving national supply of appropriate trained manpower
Providing flexible commodity supply
Stabilizing supply of raw materials
Providing domestic electricity supply
Limiting water supply
Affecting supply
Balancing supply
Ensuring regional energy supply security
Publicizing water supply
Assessing supply
Diversifying energy supply
Developing electrical supply industry
Helping monitor food aid supply
Publicizing energy supply
Purchasing, supplying
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values