human value


Other Names:
He who stands on tiptoe is not steady. (Lao Tzu, Tao-te Ching)
Related Problems:
Speculation on money markets
Marital instability
Unstable family life
Statutory instability
Instability of prices
Political instability
Unstable economic base
Permafrost instability
Military destabilization
Insecurity of employment
Family breakdown
Unpredictable governmental policy
Socio-cultural environment degradation
Environmental stress of natural systems
Unstable shifting agriculture
Destabilization of governments
Instability in export earnings
Instability of chemicals trade
Legal inconsistency
High labour turnover
Vulnerability of social systems
Unstable supply of raw materials
Instability of the world economy
Destabilizing corporate expansion
Destabilization of social systems
Imbalance in strategic arms
Instability of trade in live animals
Instability of the commodities trade
Instability of orthographic standards
Tribal conflicts within states
Instability of scientific nomenclature
Unprotected vulnerable economies
Instability of manufacturing industries
Discontented marriages
Belief in emotional instability of women
Instability in tourist dependent economies
Fragmented community image
Financial instability of national economies
Destabilizing movements of short-term capital
Fluctuating agricultural products markets
Destabilizing international telecommunications
Destruction of civilian populations and institutions
Economic and industrial production instability
Overproduction of atmosphere-destabilizing gases
Destabilization of governments by secret services
Instability of production of food and live animals
Agricultural risks
Instability in relations between allies of superpowers
Instability of trade in petroleum and petroleum products
Instability of trade in machinery and transport equipment
Instability of trade in inedible crude non-fuel materials
Inappropriate foreign investment
Instability of trade in mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials
Destabilization of monetary systems and exchange notes by transnational corporations
Destabilizing financial action of transnational enterprises
Thorium and alloys trade instability
Instability of trade in metalliferous ores and metal scrap
Instability of trade in synthetic and regenerated fibres
Instability of trade in crude fertilizers
Instability of pepper trade
Iron and steel basic industries instability
Tantalum trade instability
Instability of chemical and petrochemical industry
Instability of paint industry
Maize/corn trade instability
Instability in trade
Instability of freshwater supply
Emotionally unstable personality disorder
Instability of trade in asses, mules and hinnies
Groundnut oil trade instability
Palm kernel oil trade instability
Barley trade instability
Unstable house structure
Instability of copper trade
Live poultry trade instability
Instability of trade in dressed fur skins
Instability in tanning and dyeing trade
Endangered genetic super-structure
Instability of soybean trade
Photographical and optical goods trade instability
Instability of trade in legumes
Instability of trade in wood, lumber and cork
Instability of beer trade
Instability of miscellaneous mining and quarrying
Petroleum refineries instability
Instability of ocean freight rates
Instability of the maritime shipping industry
Instability of spirits trade
Small business failures
Instability of date trade
Instability of jute trade
Instability of salt mining
Instability of wine trade
Instability of food and drink industries
Instability of lead trade
Metal products industry instability
Instability of trade in cereals and cereal preparations
Instability of rice trade
Instability of trade in coal, coke and briquettes
Miscellaneous crude minerals trade instability
Instability of complex society
Instability of the fur trade
Instability of trade in pulp and waste paper
Instability of trade in cattle
Instability of trade in sulphur
Instability of coffee trade
Instability of fishing industry
Roots and tuber trade instability vegetable products
Instability of cotton trade
Instability of trade in aluminium
Hazards of oil-palm industry
Instability of trade in animal and vegetable oils and fats
Instability of trade in undressed hides, skins and fur skins
Linseed oil trade instability
Instability of trade in fresh potatoes
Coal mining instability
Unstable government
Instability of vegetable fibre trade, excluding cotton and jute
Instability of trade in animal feedstuffs, excluding unmilled cereals
Instability of margarine trade
Iron and steel scrap trade instability
Transport equipment trade instability
Footwear trade instability
Molybdenum trade instability
Instability of wheat trade
Instability of trade in beans, dried, peas, lentils and other leguminous vegetables
Instability of trade in fruit and vegetables and preparations thereof
Nitrogenous fertilizers trade instability
Phosphatic fertilizers trade instability
Chocolate trade instability
Instability of tea trade
Instability of alcoholic beverages trade
Instability of construction industry
Instability of trade in crude fertilizers and crude minerals, excluding coal, petroleum and precious stones
Emotional instability due to torture
Iron ore and concentrates trade instability
Instability of trade in chemical elements and compounds
China, pottery and earthenware industries instability
Emotional disorders
Instability of mining and quarrying industry
Instability of forestry and logging
Instability of trade in coffee, tea, cocoa, spices and manufactures thereof
Magnesium trade instability
Beryllium trade instability
Radioactive and associated materials trade instability
Instability in high-technology manufacturing industries
Furniture trade instability
Shifting coastlines
Instability of trade in sheep and goats
Unwanted changes of personality
Instability of paper and printing industries
Potassic fertilizers trade instability
Instability of trade in regenerated cellulose and artificial resins
Instability of trade in essential oils and perfume materials
Sunflower seed oil trade instability
Scientific and controlling instruments trade instability professional
Instability of trade in fish, crustacea and molluscs and preparations thereof
Instability of trade in fresh, frozen or chilled meat
Watches and clocks trade instability
Instability of banana trade
Instability of trade in mineral tar and crude chemicals derived from coal, petroleum and natural gas
Iron and steel manufactures trade instability
Instability of trade in textile yarn fabrics, made-up articles
Instability of trade in vegetable-based foodstuffs
Instability of trade in gas
Instability of trade in manila fibre
Instability of trade in electric energy
Instability of trade in fresh tomatoes
Fuel wood and charcoal trade instability
Butter trade instability
Machinery and equipment industries instability
Instability of trade in manufactured fertilizers
Instability in trade of travel goods
Instability of wool trade
Instability of silk trade
Instability of food prices
Instability of trade in fruit
Sugar confectionery and preparations trade instability
Instability of textile and clothing industries
Trade instability in inorganic chemicals, elements, oxides and halogen salts
Swine trade instability
Instability of nickel trade
Economic destabilization of countries by external forces
Instability of trade in tobacco and tobacco manufactures
Instability of ground nut and peanut trade
Instability of woodworking industries
Unstable regimes
Leather and leather manufactures trade instability
Instability of trade in preserved fruit
Instability of trade in crude synthetic and reclaimed rubber
Instability of trade in dried salted or smoked meat
Instability of sugar trade
Instability of trade in hard fibres
Instability of trade in tobacco
Instability of olive oil trade
Coconut oil trade instability
Instability of trade in fixed vegetable oils and fats
Instability of trade in miscellaneous food preparations
Soya bean oil trade instability
Cotton seed oil trade instability
Rape and mustard oils trade instability
Exchange rate volatility
Impairments of regulation of arousal state
Instability of machinery and equipment industries
Instability of zinc trade
Natural abrasives trade instability
Instability of tin trade
Instability of spices trade
Instability of basic metal industries
Instability of hunting, trapping and game propagation
Instability of cocoa trade
Instability of trade in unprocessed textile fibres and their waste
Instability of vegetable trade
Glass and glass products industries instability
Uranium ores and concentrates and thorium trade instability
Instability of plastics industry
Instability of trade in sanitary plumbing, heating, lighting fixtures and fittings
Cheese and curd trade instability
Meal and flour of wheat or meslin trade instability
Instability of trade in dairy products and eggs
Aggravation of instability in exchange rates by transnational corporations
Instability of trade in vegetables, roots and tubers
Sand and gravel trade instability
Instability of trade in beverages
Trade instability of electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances
Instability of trade in animal oils and fats
Instability of metals trade
Silver and platinum ores trade instability
Instability of trade in U235-depleted uranium
Instability of trade in manufactured goods
Instability of trade in miscellaneous manufactured articles
Flax trade instability
Instability of trade in meat and meat preparations
Medicinal and pharmaceutical products trade instability
Destabilization of national insurance markets by offshore insurers
Instability in the phosphate industry
Instability of fresh fruit and edible nut trade
Instability of trade in tungsten
Instability of footwear industries
Iron ore mining instability
Instability of trade in oil-seeds, oil nuts and oil kernels
Transport equipment industries instability
Regulating use of oceans
Stabilizing world order
Destabilizing countries
Destabilizing economic systems
Destabilizing social systems
Destabilizing institutions
Destabilizing natural environment
Continuing role of the USA in global stability
Promoting international monetary stability
Providing law enforcement structure
Guaranteeing substantial economic foundation
Providing structural stability to production processes
Providing legal support for social stability
Challenging adequacy of social structure
Creating public mood for domestic stability
Providing regulatory mechanisms of government
Producing atmosphere-destabilizing gases
Reducing production of atmosphere-destabilizing gases
Destabilizing governments by secret services
Depending on political volatility
Stabilizing politics
Stabilizing oil prices
Stabilizing prices
Researching destabilizing effects of international capital mobility
Stabilizing currency
Reducing marital instability
Stabilizing family life
Reducing statutory instability
Stabilizing permafrost
Stabilizing the military
Stabilizing employment
Stabilizing society
Stabilizing ecosystems
Stabilizing shifting agriculture
Stabilizing governments
Stabilizing export income
Stabilizing chemicals industry
Stabilizing legal judgements
Stabilizing labour force
Stabilizing supply of raw materials
Stabilizing the world economy
Stabilizing corporations
Stabilizing international strategies
Monitoring trade in live animals
Stabilizing commodities trade
Stabilizing orthographic standards
Stabilizing tribalism
Stabilizing scientific nomenclature
Stabilizing indigenous economies
Stabilizing manufacturing industries
Stabilizing bonding between male and female
Reducing emotional instability
Stabilizing tourist dependent economies
Stabilizing images of rural community identity
Stabilizing trade in food and live animals
Stabilizing international telecommunications
Stabilizing economic and industrial production
Halting production of atmosphere-destabilizing gases
Reducing destabilization of governments by secret services
Stabilizing production of food and live animals
Stabilizing agricultural and livestock production
Stabilizing relations among allies of superpowers
Stabilizing trade in machinery
Stabilizing countries against foreign investment
Developing lubricants industry
Destabilizing prices
Destabilizing world economy
Destabilizing trade in live animals
Destabilizing commodities trade
Destabilizing indigenous economies
Destabilizing manufacturing industries
Challenging belief in emotional instability of women
Destabilizing tourist dependent economies
Destabilizing national economies
Destabilizing international telecommunications
Destabilizing civilian communities by war
Destabilizing economic and industrial production
Destabilizing relations among allies of superpowers
Destabilizing trade in petroleum and petroleum products
Destabilizing governments
Destabilizing governments through foreign investment
Destabilizing currency
Constructing waste stabilization ponds
Maintaining financial stability
Marketing stability
Improving national policies
Increasing economic stability
Ensuring price stability
Maintaining economic stability
Achieving price stabilization
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values