Reducing instability
Increasing stability
Stabilizing land
Stabilizing trade
Stabilizing income
Stabilizing prices
Stabilizing society
Stabilizing currency
Stabilizing politics
Stabilizing tribalism
Stabilizing ecosystems
Stabilizing employment
Stabilizing permafrost
Stabilizing governments
Stabilizing family life
Stabilizing world order
Stabilizing availability
Stabilizing corporations
Stabilizing labour force
Stabilizing the military
Stabilizing export income
Stabilizing monetary value
Controlling interest rates
Assuring family continuity
Standardizing nomenclature
Stabilizing legal judgements
Stabilizing commodities trade
Stabilizing the world economy
Stabilizing employment arenas
Stabilizing trade in machinery
Stabilizing chemicals industry
Stabilizing rain-fed croplands
Conditioning radioactive waste
Stabilizing community identity
Stabilizing existing watertable
Strengthening national economies
Stabilizing indigenous economies
Stabilizing shifting agriculture
Stabilizing availability of food
Stabilizing availability of work
Stabilizing orthographic standards
Stabilizing supply of raw materials
Stabilizing manufacturing industries
Stabilizing international strategies
Stabilizing society with role models
Stabilizing world monetary conditions
Stabilizing tourist dependent economies
Stabilizing trade in food and live animals
Enriching marriages through sexual content
Stabilizing movements of short-term capital
Stabilizing bonding between male and female
Guaranteeing substantial economic foundation
Stabilizing international telecommunications
Levelling out fluctuations in food production
Stabilizing economic and industrial production
Stabilizing production of food and live animals
Stabilizing countries against foreign investment
Stabilizing agricultural and livestock production
Stabilizing energy use in economic growth sectors
Stabilizing relations among allies of superpowers
Rebuilding civilian communities affected by war
Halting production of atmosphere-destabilizing gases
Stabilizing social organization through common voice
Stabilizing trade in inedible crude non-fuel materials
Stabilizing international prices
Stabilizing export earnings
Reducing economic inflation
Countering global warming
Stabilizing tariffs
Losing control
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies