human value


Researching culture heritage
Promoting knowledge society
Advocating culture of tolerance
Increasing public access to culture
Producing planetary synthesis
Integrating global society
Integrating culture
Broadening participation in culture
Building company culture
Reorienting education towards sustainable development
Culturing plant tissue for plant replication
Holding information within a culture
Producing fish in reservoirs
Building a culture of life
Providing broadened cultural awareness
Cultivating common history appreciation
Grasping unique culture
Revitalizing cultural traditions
Presenting aboriginal culture programme
Developing culture
Creating counter-culture
Keeping fit
Imposing national priorities on other countries
Respecting domestic priorities of another culture
Exposing pseudo-culture
Repressing culture
Activating culture
Understanding culture shock
Reinforcing rural culture
Vandalizing popular culture
Protecting popular culture from vandalization
Managing culture of violence
Promoting scientific and technology culture
Respecting democratic processes
Joining criminal subculture
Studying criminal subculture
Killing culture
Depriving of culture
Denying culture
Promoting culture
Dominating culture
Conserving endangered cultures
Appreciating cultural values
Using culture-induced fear
Treating culture-induced fear
Preserving integrity of cultures
Improving minority culture support
Abstaining from appreciation of cultural differences
Explaining Islamic culture
Spreading culture
Developing progressive judaism
Effecting liaison among culture collections
Importing culture
Advancing national culture and science
Promoting cinema
Formulating cultural policies
Advancing food culture industry
Representing beer drinkers
Spreading Islamic culture
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values