Preserving integrity of cultures

Limiting interface between fundamentally different cultures
Protecting against cultural invasion
Protecting ethnic integrity
Conserving cultures
Safeguarding culture
Preserving culture
1. Because of the pollution code (marimé) and since women are considered to be the guarantors of the group survival, it is a shame for a Gypsy girl to marry a member of the majority group (gadjo). Even in cases when the father is Roma and the mixed couple lives in the Gypsy community, it is not obvious that their children will be considered to be Gypsies.

2. Many Gypsies fear that their integration into the mainstream could over time lead to assimilation and eventual disappearance of their culture. Gypsies often do want to remain separated and even good intentions of the non-Gypsies (gadje) are rigorously refused. Although the Roma have largely adapted to living surrounded by foreign cultures, their social organisation fosters their separation from the majority. This separation places Roma at a greater disadvantage than other, less separatist ethnic groups. While other ethnic groups were denied equal rights in the past, the Roma have tended to stay apart by choice. The traditional closely-knit Romany family provides one measure of immunity from these gadje influences.

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