Promoting scientific and technology culture

Promoting excellence in science
Advocating technology

UNESCO's basic approach to the the sciences is threefold: (1) a concern with basic science for its own inherent value and as the foundation of prospective developments; (2) a commitment to the practical application of science and technology to the solving of world problems; (3) recognition of the interconnectedness of science, technology and society. UNESCO does not independent scientific research itself; it acts through its connection with various scientific and technological groups. There is an emphasis on networking, cooperation and participation in joint efforts. Promoting science involves promoting international and regional exchanges of information on science and technology popularization, in particular through the compilation of relevant books, films and reviews.

Promoting technology in developing countries generally requires removing barriers to innovation and increasing access to information. A study of sub-Saharan Africa found that low crop prices discouraged the transfer of agricultural innovation. High taxes, licensing procedures, and measures that reduce competition can have the same effect.

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E: Emanations of other strategies
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