human value


Other Names:
Clearing land mines
Evaluating poverty reduction programmes
Eliminating racism
Improving coordination among anti-desertification agencies
Strengthening anti-trust laws
Classifying species
Strengthening anti-desertification authorities
Supporting biosystematic capability
Reforming higher education
Carrying out anti-malarial programmes
Declaring moratorium on export of anti-personnel land mines
Using anti-Americanism to unite Europeans
Preparing for realities of drug-resistant microbes
Restricting use of land mines
Conducting epidemiological studies
Broadening systematic purchasing power
Recruiting systematic stake personnel
Ensuring systematic planning sessions
Engendering anti-crime postures in the public
Catalyzing systematic clean up
Installing waste treatment systems
Establishing ongoing community maintenance
Devising systematic building renovations
Coordinating systematic ongoing maintenance
Activating systematic neighbourhood clean-up
Improving systematic property upkeep
Developing systematic maintenance
Organizing systematic work forces
Re-socializing individuals
Undertaking community renewal
Systematic model building
Developing systematic surveillance
Anti-imperialist propagandizing
Recognizing problems
Enforcing anti-piracy laws
Addressing contractual constraints on reporting systemic problems
Undervaluing systematic biology
Researching anti-social behaviour
Researching anti-social personality disorders
Researching anti-social behaviour of university students
Changing anti-community attitudes
Correcting anti-social personality disorders
Monitoring anti-dumping trade procedures
Focusing on fundamental systemic problems
Providing sufficient anti-discrimination legislation
Doing without adequate anti-discrimination legislation
Protecting software
Strengthening public support for anti-corruption programmes
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values