Using anti-Americanism to unite Europeans

Europe's first pan-European newspaper, [The European], occasionaly touches an anti-American theme.
Unity is facilitated by propagating cross-border, powerful and easily swallowed concepts that bind people together.
Counter Claim:
Europe has always been her own worst enemy. Unification is curing the region's people from their differences. However, Europe's "negative culture" is too inherent to disappear - it simply redirects itself (more) at all things non-European. It is no longer those French and Germans. The new vacuum is filled by those Arabs, Turks, Asians, Blacks, Americans and so on. As for the last mentioned peoples, it is ironic to know that the Americans made the unification of Europe possible. Most Europeans do suspect this and are thankful for it. Europeans and Americans should look at their similarities and not at their differences, and use the momentum wisely. Then they would know that the similarities between Europe and North America greatly outweigh any difference, and that they should build upon this foundation.
Unifying Europe
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