Eliminating racism

Combatting racism
Countering racism
Acting against racism
Opposing racism
Promoting anti racism
Fighting racism
Relaxing racial prejudice
Reducing incidence of racism
Reducing racial prejudice
Racial discrimination included distinctions, exclusions, restrictions or preferences based on descent which nullified or impaired equal enjoyment of human rights.
The [Amsterdam Treaty] (1997), in the shape of Article 29 (former Article K.1) of the [Treaty on European Union], provides a specific legal basis for preventing and combating racism and xenophobia. It opens up the possibility of a genuine European Union policy in this matter. A European Monitoring Centre for Racism and Xenophobia was set up in Vienna in June 1997 for the purpose of exchanging information and experience in this area. On 21 December 1998 an agreement was concluded between the Centre and the Council of Europe in order to step up cooperation between the Centre and the Council of Europe's Committee on Racism and Intolerance.
Using racism
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Masking racism
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D: Detailed strategies