Promoting sports and games

Helping promote sports activities
Increasing sporting activities
Popularizing sports
Popularizing healthy physical activity
Encouraging recreational sports
Spreading popular sports activities
International Biathlon Union
International Rugby Board
Badminton World Federation
International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance
International Handball Federation
International Hockey Federation
International Judo Federation
International Tennis Federation
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
International Golf Federation
International Bowling Federation
International Sumo Federation
World Boxing Association
World Pool-Billiards Association
World Karate Federation
International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation
World Flying Disc Federation
International Bobsleighing and Tobogganing Federation
World Bowls Board
International Cricket Council
International Roller Sports Federation
International Skating Union
International Sports Organization for the Disabled
WomenSport International
International Trampoline Federation
International Federation of Netball Associations
International Surfing League
African Football Confederation
African Table Tennis Federation
International Unicycling Federation
Asian Billiards Confederation
Asian Football Confederation
Asian Weightlifting Federation
International Traditional Federation of Karate
FIBA Americas
Oceanian Shooting Confederation
Women's International Motorcycle Association
Asian Cycling Federation
Fédération internationale Sport pour tous
World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry
European Triathlon Union
European Golf Association
European Shooting Confederation
Oceania Judo Union
FIBA Oceania
European Table Tennis Union
Arab Shooting Confederation
Arab Golf Federation
Arab Handball Confederation
Arab Boxing Confederation
Arab Wrestling Federation
Judo Union of Asia
Arab Karate Confederation
Arab Equestrian Federation
Arab Volleyball Confederation
Arab Chess Federation
Arab Basketball Confederation
Arab Swimming Confederation
Arab Judo Confederation
Arab Gymnastics Confederation
Arab Tennis Confederation
European Boardsailing Association
South Asian Olympic Council
European Hockey Federation
African Shooting Confederation
Confederation Asia of Roller Sports
International Fistball Association
Oceania Weightlifting Federation
International Federation of Sports Acrobatics
International Association of Water Polo Referees
Federation of International Bandy
Latin American Table Tennis Union
Confédération africaine de handball
Commonwealth Handball Association
South American Sports Organization
Nordic Cycling Association
North American, Central American and Caribbean Islands Weightlifting Federation
North European Table Tennis Union
Nordic Wrestling Association
Nordic Weightlifting Federation
Nordic Swimming Federations Association
Nordic Gymnastics Union
Nordic Bowling Association
Joint Nordic Organ for Recreational Sports
Oceania Badminton Confederation
Pan American Hockey Federation
South Asia Table Tennis Federation
Baseball Federation of Asia
Pan American Baseball Confederation
Baseball Confederation of Oceania
Association of Sport Climbers International
South American Weightlifting Confederation
World Squash Promoters' Federation
Squash Federation of Africa
Caribbean Women's Cricket Federation
World Strengthlifting Federation
International Workers Sports Confederation
International Wheelchair Tennis Federation
Arab Weightlifting Federation
Oceania Football Confederation
Oceania Swimming Association
Pan American Sports Organization
Table Tennis Federation of Asia
Oceania Hockey Federation
African Hockey Federation
World Billiards Union
European Backgammon Federation
Federation of International Polo
Confédération africaine des sports boules
African Chess Confederation
African Golf Confederation
Confederation of African Tennis
Caribbean Table Tennis Federation
International Women's Cricket Council
World Poker Federation
Panathlon International
Pan American Weightlifting Confederation
International Federation of Popular Sports
Association of African Sports Confederations
Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization
Union of African Karatedo Federations
Weightlifting Federation of Africa
Supreme Council for Sport in Africa
World T'ai Chi and QiGong Association
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-beingGOAL 13: Climate Action