Networking zoos
Encouraging lust
Encouraging rise
Encouraging towns
Improving savings
Encouraging lying
Encouraging waste
Being sentimental
Advancing pharmacy
Improving lobbying
Encouraging growth
Promoting research
Enhancing diversity
Encouraging parties
Encouraging leisure
Encouraging smoking
Encouraging research
Promoting philosophy
Encouraging students
Facilitating freedom
Encouraging football
Encouraging recycling
Encouraging composers
Encouraging seafarers
Encouraging migration
Encouraging obscenity
Encouraging friendship
Encouraging christians
Encouraging scientists
Learning from mistakes
Improving weed control
Encouraging dissonance
Stimulating investment
Encouraging development
Supporting universities
Encouraging risk-taking
Encouraging new species
Awakening sexual desire
Furthering islamic unity
Encouraging yacht racing
Encouraging smart growth
Encouraging water run-off
Encouraging individualism
Improving use of language
Encouraging young liberals
Encouraging mutual concern
Encouraging national trade
Promoting sports and games
Facilitating social growth
Facilitating communication
Promoting public relations
Encouraging eco-enterprise
Fostering young scientists
Developing regional studies
Encouraging weed technology
Encouraging disabled people
Using dirty tricks politics
Encouraging job discussions
Encouraging economic synergy
Encouraging closer relations
Encouraging parent education
Disseminating oral traditions
Encouraging local authorities
Encouraging christian writers
Encouraging cocoa consumption
Encouraging local development
Encouraging use of technology
Encouraging industrialization
Encouraging creative education
Encouraging sleeping in public
Encouraging student immobility
Encouraging potential business
Encouraging sexual promiscuity
Encouraging all age activities
Enabling private sector lending
Encouraging scientific research
Increasing international travel
Encouraging human relationships
Encouraging accessible shopping
Encouraging expressive art work
Encouraging biblical scholarship
Encouraging cultural cooperation
Encouraging cooperative research
Encouraging business cooperation
Encouraging statistical research
Encouraging use of computer data
Encouraging free use of property
Encouraging community assignment
Renewing current farm technology
Encouraging school correspondence
Encouraging citizen participation
Encouraging individual initiative
Encouraging structural confidence
Encouraging home electrical usage
Encouraging bourgeois deviationism
Facilitating socio-economic growth
Encouraging sound energy strategies
Abstaining from work force mobility
Encouraging dental health practices
Encouraging locally purchased goods
Establishing global monetary system
Encouraging abusive prison detention
Encouraging widened reading exposure
Encouraging individual skill sharing
Using biological and chemical warfare
Encouraging application of technology
Encouraging total familial curriculum
Encouraging improved personal hygiene
Encouraging local teacher development
Encouraging local physical well-being
Encouraging regular social gatherings
Encouraging contacts among researchers
Encouraging class disparity resentment
Encouraging external cultural exposure
Encouraging depth background awareness
Encouraging family agricultural efforts
Encouraging outside leadership exposure
Encouraging broader learning experience
Encouraging effective corporate leaders
Encouraging physical expansion of cities
Facilitating educational self-expression
Encouraging increased citizen engagement
Fostering home organizational techniques
Encouraging ongoing localized assistance
Encouraging communication with foreigners
Encouraging increased resident engagement
Encouraging corporate commercial ventures
Encouraging individual production efforts
Encouraging more effective aid utilization
Encouraging intentional celebrative events
Facilitating development of new technologies
Encouraging immobility of the social pattern
Encouraging use of virtual reality equipment
Promoting international scientific cooperation
Encouraging institutionalization of the disabled
Encouraging fundamental public relations research
Encouraging use of biochemical weapons technology
Encouraging off-site conservation of biodiversity
Encouraging international intellectual cooperation
Encouraging environmentally sound land use practices
Encouraging effects of biological and chemical warfare
Improving economic development among Islamic countries
Supporting conservation of biological diversity on private lands
Encouraging contacts in the field of professional music education
Encouraging universal participation in the Global Environment Facility
Ensuring fair competition
Motivating cooperation
Promoting religion
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies