Helping god
Helping women
Helping girls
Helping people
Helping others
Helping leaders
Helping friends
Assisting parks
Helping projects
Helping pacifists
Helping education
Assisting support
Assisting suicide
Assisting spouses
Assisting orphans
Assisting priests
Helping grassroots
Assisting students
Helping poor people
Helping governments
Caring for the sick
Treating spasticity
Assisting exporters
Assisting producers
Assisting education
Assisting companies
Providing assistance
Promoting air travel
Assisting news media
Assisting travelling
Assisting management
Assisting volunteers
Assisting publishers
Helping media workers
Helping poor students
Helping former scouts
Providing basic needs
Assisting technically
Assisting development
Assisting advertisers
Helping combat forgery
Assisting corporations
Reducing global poverty
Helping penal reformers
Eliminating all weapons
Assisting rural peoples
Assisting member states
Assisting communication
Helping conserve animals
Helping survivors of war
Assisting coastal states
Assisting needy students
Assisting social outcasts
Assisting people with intellectual disabilities
Assisting through housing
Helping merchant seafarers
Helping correct imbalances
Promoting sports and games
Helping regional exporters
Assisting disaster victims
Assisting religious belief
Helping finance development
Assisting human recognition
Assisting unmarried couples
Assisting unmarried mothers
Helping restoring monarchies
Assisting retail store sales
Assisting defence industries
Assisting handicapped people
Helping build human resources
Assisting teaching structures
Assisting weapons destruction
Supporting local environments
Assisting human rights teachers
Helping churches plan their work
Assisting prospective land users
Assisting mutual telephone usage
Assisting impoverished countries
Assisting industrial development
Helping stabilize export earnings
Helping mobilize domestic capital
Assisting prisoners of conscience
Assisting small sized enterprises
Assisting administrative research
Helping prevent illegal excavation
Helping improve working conditions
Increasing agricultural production
Assisting national fishery surveys
Supporting higher education systems
Exchanging young landscape gardeners
Assisting effective money management
Assisting during industrial disputes
Assisting criminal police authorities
Helping children in conflict with law
Helping countries carry out activities
Assisting through national development
Helping countries uncover mineral wealth
Helping maintain high academic standards
Creating artificial insemination centres
Assisting national labour administration
Assisting training management assistance
Helping create international universities
Assisting those with hearing difficulties
Helping membership improve professionalism
Assisting international adoption organizations
Forming environmentally sound technology networks
Ministering to children and youth
Developing victim offender reconciliation programmes
Assisting poorest countries to implement Agenda 21
Assisting societies throughout the world to conserve
Assisting water agencies to become more cost-effective
Assisting professional local government administrators
Assisting developing country effort to protect the atmosphere
Assisting decision-makers in use of environmental information
Helping developing countries implement effective commodity policies
Helping developing countries improve efficiency of export and import trade
Assisting coastal States to assess effects of additional ultraviolet radiation
Assisting developing countries to participate effectively in new negotiations on sustainable development
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies